All-match ingredients in the season, delicious to eat, easy to match, effortless

Both the stomach and the heart must be full. Therefore, the confusion and sadness of the whole world can be resisted with delicious food! For more home-cooked food recipes, please pay attention to Diandian Kitchen. If you like my home-cooked food sharing, please like, bookmark, comment, and repost it! Of course, if you have a better approach, please leave a message to share with everyone.

All-match ingredients in the season, delicious to eat, easy to match, effortless

Recently, the most prepared things in every household should be salty goods. Of course, I’m talking about our area. After all, every village has its own customs, and not every place is the same. I really like to go to the top of the building when I have nothing to do, because when it comes to this season, it is full of the smell of fireworks in life.

The bacon, sausage, and salted fish in our family have been steamed and fried twice in three days. I’m almost finished. In fact, over the past few years, I found that these salty goods are what I want to eat in this season. After this season, I will put them in the refrigerator to take up space. Recently, I like to eat very much, and I try my best to eat it in different ways.

【Stir-fried radish with bacon】

Main ingredients: bacon, radish

specific methods:

Peel the white radish and cut into slices, soak the bacon in water for a while, then cut into thin skins, it is best to choose fat and thin bacon. This way you don’t need to add extra oil when frying.

Put no oil in the pot, pour the cut bacon into it, and stir-fry slowly over medium-low heat. After frying for a while, the oil will come out, and the edges of the fat can be seen to become transparent.

After all the oil from the fat meat comes out, pour in the radish slices and stir-fry quickly over high heat. Add an appropriate amount of boiling water and simmer for a while. The radish fried in this way is very tasty. I really like eating soft rotten radishes. Just before serving, add a little shallot. There is no need to add any other ingredients to this dish. I added some light soy sauce in the middle, so that the color of the stir-fry looks better.

There are plenty of ways to eat bacon. You can use garlic to fry, or add some vegetables, etc. In short, you can add some vegetarian dishes that you usually like to eat, and match them together, the salty taste of bacon in the middle. Let the bland ingredients have the aroma of bacon!

If you want to make ordinary ingredients more flavorful, adding some bacon is enough, it’s super delicious



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