Stir-fried salted fish with garlic, I really recommend , it’s so delicious

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Stir-fried salted fish with garlic, I really recommend it, it’s so delicious

I haven’t been home for a long time because of the mask. My parents think that there are too many vegetables at home, and we still need to buy vegetables outside, so they think of sending some ingredients that can be put in from time to time. This time, I sent the prepared dried radish, salted fish, salted duck legs, and enough vegetables and garlic for several meals. I was probably worried that it would be too much to send too much if it was spoiled.

Ingredients such as green vegetables are okay to grow in the ground, but once they are off the ground, they will turn yellow and become unpalatable. But not like salty goods. My parents are usually very busy at home, but knowing that I like to eat salted fish, I still found a chance to dry it out. Now it’s not time to make salty goods at home. It’s because of me that they will Let it dry a bit and let me eat first.

【Garlic Fried Salted Fish】

Main ingredients: salted fish, garlic, ginger

specific methods:

Wash the salted fish and drain the water, chop the garlic and set aside.

Take the oil pan, pour in the ginger and stir-fry until fragrant, then put the salted fish in and fry for a while.

After frying until golden on both sides, add a little light soy sauce, and cook in appropriate amount of water for a while. Remember to pour in the garlic in the middle, and finally collect the juice on high heat.

This time, my mother’s salted fish was not very dry, but it was edible, and it was not very salty. Anyway, everything suits my taste. I like to eat salted fish since I was a child, because I will eat fresh fish If it is stuck, the salted fish will not. But because there is no sun bar in the place where I live, it is not convenient to sell salty goods. Every year, I ask my parents to do it well, and I bring them when I go back.

Generally, it is best to steam the salted fish after frying, so that it will be more delicious, but this time because the fish has not been dried for long enough, it is quite good to fry it directly.



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