Asia food – Popular ways of processing tofu, strong immunity, weight loss, delicious and nutritious!

burden to the health of the body. If not the right method of weight loss can bring dangerous diseases to the body, so the weight loss is indispensable for nutrients, since the body lacks vitamins and minerals for a long time will reduce resistance, and is very susceptible to viral attacks, we bring unnecessary trouble.

Losing weight without affecting health is the ultimate goal of weight loss.

Now it is the spring weight loss season, weight loss foods, types of weight loss methods. In fact, the correct way to lose weight is nothing more than dieting and exercising. Other quick, unfulfilled ways of losing weight will come at the cost of harming the body.

In recent years, quinoa has gained popularity, not only favorite celebrities but also Victoria’s Secret supermodels use it to lose weight. A completely new dish, for those who like to cook, we always want to try. Some time ago, I bought some quinoa online and popularized awareness of it on the Internet: Quinoa quinoa, which is edible. Plants are relatively rare. The grains we eat every day such as rice, corn, wheat, … It belongs to the Poaceae family. The nutritional value of quinoa far exceeds that of most grains. Quinoa is a unique plant that can meet the basic nutritional needs of the human body, is the most suitable whole nutritional food for humans and is ranked in the list of the top ten nutritious and healthy foods in the world.

Quinoa seeds have a light ginseng taste, easy to cook, delicious taste, can be combined with many ingredients, you can take a handful when cooking rice, cooking porridge. It can also be cooked separately and cooked with other ingredients, such as quinoa fruit salad, quinoa roasted sea cucumber, etc. You can also use quinoa and various fruits to make juices or make quinoa soy milk, quinoa rice flour, etc.

Spring is not only the season of weight loss but also the season of height development, eat more foods with high calcium content, be more exposed to the sun and exercise more so that the height of the child increases in the spring. The foods we usually eat such as tofu, dried shrimp, black sesame, seaweed are rich in calcium and can be eaten regularly in the spring. Today I will share breakfast cake with tofu and quinoa that is both nutritious and delicious, eye-catching and delicious, let’s try it together.

【Quinoa and Tofu breakfast】

Ingredients: 1 piece of tofu, 1/2 cup quinoa, 1 handful of chamomile, 1 egg, sufficient amount of spring onions, 1 red pepper, 1 egg, 2 tablespoons cornstarch, appropriate amount of salt, a little pepper, and the appropriate amount of vegetable oil

Production steps:

1. Prepare all the main ingredients, half a cup of quinoa, a piece of tofu, a small handful of chamomile, some spring onions, a red pepper and an egg.

2. Wash the quinoa, add an appropriate amount of water and put it in the cellar. I used tricolor quinoa.

3. After the water boils, cook for 15 minutes, cook until the quinoa becomes transparent and all the sprouts are cooked.

4. Put a piece of tofu in a bowl and use a crushed spoon. The tofu I choose is old tofu, with a relatively low water content, if not, you can use beautiful tofu instead.

5. Cut the chamomile cabbage into cubes, put in tofu water, then add a little shrimp shell, add the chopped red peppers and the battered eggs.

6. Put the cooked three-colored quinoa seeds in the pureed tofu bowl, with a mesh sieve to filter the water. Adjust the amount of salt according to your personal taste, add a little pepper and stir well.

7. Finally, add two tablespoons of cornstarch and stir again. The amount of cornstarch depends on the dryness and wetness of pureed tofu. Don’t be too thin, otherwise it won’t be easy to shape.

8. Put some vegetable oil in a non-stick pan, apply some vegetable oil to your hands, form hand-crushed tofu balls and then flatten slightly, put in a non-stick pan and fry until golden ripe. Both from both sides.

9. Eat both crunchy outside and delicious inside. The breakfast cake is nutritious, delicious and rich in calcium, suitable for all ages, do not ignore.

I will share with you the country food every day, if you like my way of doing it, follow me, give me a like, or share it with my friends. Your support is the biggest driver of my progress! If you have better methods and tips in the process of preparing food, I would like you to text me back.



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