Asia food – Tofu with leeks has become popular recently. My family eats it 5 times a week. It looks good and delicious. It’s really delicious

Tofu with leeks has become popular recently. My family eats it 5 times a week. It looks good and delicious, and it is really delicious. Tofu is a very common ingredient in our daily life. It has a soft taste and rich nutrition. It is a highly nutritious ingredient that is especially suitable for children and the elderly. Tofu is generally eaten stewed or stir-fried. In my family, I often eat 1 piece of tofu with a handful of leeks. It is simple to stir-fry. It is nutritious and delicious. When I came out, the family members rushed to eat. Today we will use tofu and leeks to make delicious food.

Prepare ingredients:

Leek, tofu, garlic, chili millet, water, light soy sauce, vegetarian oyster sauce, sugar, salt, white pepper, cooking oil

specific methods:

1. Prepare a handful of leeks and wash them, first cut the leeks into small pieces.

2. Cut a piece of tofu into small cubes.

3. Put a few garlic into the garlic masher, beat it into minced garlic, and put it together with millet pepper.

4. Prepare half a bowl of water, add a spoonful of light soy sauce and a spoonful of vegetarian oyster sauce, add a little sugar, add an appropriate amount of salt and white pepper, and stir it evenly.

5. Heat the oil in a pan, put in the tofu after the oil is hot, and fry it slowly on a low heat until golden on both sides, then take it out and set aside.

6. Heat up the oil again, add minced garlic and millet and stir-fry until fragrant, then add the fried tofu, stir fry for a while, pour in the freshly prepared sauce, cook for about two minutes to let the tofu taste, and then add Stir-fry the leeks until they are broken and put them out of the pan.

7. This dish of leek-flavored tofu, which is very appetizing and delicious, is ready. It is beautiful and delicious, and it is also very honorable to entertain guests. If you like it, try it at home as soon as possible



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