Asia food – When braising the ribs, keep in mind the following two tips to make the ribs taste better and more fragrant

Today, we are going to introduce a way of making braised ribs, referring to braised ribs, many people can say that this is a very popular dish at home, what is worth sharing? In fact, the way to make braised ribs is simple but there are still many small details to pay attention to such as how to make the ribs fragrant, soft without a fishy smell? Don’t worry, learn the methods and techniques today to ensure your success.

Step 1: Clean the ribs bought in the market, in general, the owner will help chop the ribs when buying, when bringing home just wash it. When buying ribs, remember to buy fresh ribs, fresh ribs do not look very bright but have a slightly dark red color.

Step 2: Put the pine branch in the pot after purchase, add an appropriate amount of water to soak the pine branches. If you have enough time, you should change the water for the ribs every half hour so that the blood in the ribs comes out, so that the braised ribs do not smell fishy.

Step 3: While soaking the ribs, you prepare the spices including soy sauce, moat oil, black soy sauce, anise, sugar, salt, MSG, bay leaf, cinnamon …

Step 4: Start the pot, put an appropriate amount of cooking oil in the pot, put the soaked ribs in the pot, put some fragrant leaves and ginger in the same, add a few stalks of spring onions, blanch through the ribs. and remove the surface of the ribs, foaming. Then, rinse the ribs, drain and leave separately for the next use. It should be noted that blanching ribs has the effect of removing dirt in the ribs to help the braised ribs no longer smell fishy, softer and tastier, this is the first tip you need to note when making braised ribs.

Step 5: Take another pot, put an appropriate amount of cooking oil in the pot, then put the ribs in the pot and fry slowly until the surface is yellowish-brown. For a sufficient amount of raw soy sauce, anise and other spices, give a sufficient amount of boiling water, add the soy sauce, moat oil, sugar,… Also, remember to add a few pieces of dried tangerine peel. , and then turn on the fire to get the juice. When the juice is finished, you season with more salt and chicken essence to eat, finally sprinkle with a sufficient amount of chives leaves is a delicious braised rib ready.

Tip: When making braised ribs, adding an appropriate amount of dried tangerine peel can make braised ribs have a special aroma and make the ribs taste better, this is the second tip you need to keep in mind when making braised ribs.

What about it? The way to make braised ribs is very simple, right? In fact, to make delicious braised ribs, you just need to master the above 2 skills. In daily life, many people do not pay attention to the methods and skills when making braised ribs, thinking that as long as the meat is simple, the reality is wrong, to make a delicious braised rib, it takes a lot of effort.



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