China – a dog helps its owner sell strawberries, and if he can’t sell them, he is sad: buy strawberries and pick up the dog for free

Nowadays, dogs have entered many people’s homes, and in the past, people used to have dogs to look after homes, but now most of them are just pets, as long as they eat well, drink well, they are responsible for selling cuteness, and the rest does not matter. but sometimes in some things, if you let the dog do it instead of you, there will be unexpected surprises!

there is such a netizen who wants to go out to buy some fruit on this day, so he went to the nearby farmers market to buy it. and there is a stall in it that attracts a lot of people, it turns out that this stall is selling strawberries, and sitting there selling not the boss, but a dog! this dog is also very special- with a black head and a white body, as if he were wearing a black and white sweater!

and the dog’s expression looks very worried! because there are a lot of strawberries in front of it, but not many of them have been sold yet! many people only take care of the dog, but they have not bought strawberries for a long time! dog: don’t patronize me! our strawberries are sweet and big, come and buy them, buy a pack of strawberries, and pet the dog once for free!

BY : Jang Long


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