China – take the dog to the restaurant for dinner, and at checkout, the owner’s move is commendable!

now that pet ownership is more and more popular, we can always see people with dogs out to play, and now many places have slowly opened up the prohibition on pets in order to conform to the current form, which means that owners can bring their pets in and out of many places.

a steakhouse allows dogs to come in and out, so many owners will bring their own dogs to eat, the restaurant also has its own requirements, although dogs are allowed to enter and exit, but also to manage their own dogs, can not disturb others to eat, not to do some indecent things.

a netizen brought his own dog to his own meal, he first made a cushion for the dog to put on the seat, so that it can sit down, others will not be dissatisfied, he also ordered juice and steak for the dog, and also let the dog accompany him to eat.

the dog drinks juice while playing, the owner feeds it steak, this picture is also very strange, everyone must be thinking about how the dog can share the tableware with humans, it must be very dissatisfied, however, the owner also thought of this, so he discussed with the store in advance, this set of tableware he will buy, he will respect every customer in the store, this move makes everyone applaud

BY : Jang Long


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