China – a pregnant woman in shanghai bought eggs at a low price to send to her neighbors, and was reported by volunteers to write a letter of guarantee? the parties respond

Recently, a video of a pregnant woman in shanghai buying eggs to send to her neighbors was reported, and was asked to confiscate eggs and write a letter of guarantee in the middle of the night” caused a heated discussion on the internet. there is news on the internet that the pregnant woman bought 30 yuan and 30 eggs to send to the neighbors was reported by volunteers, and the volunteers themselves sold 40 yuan 30 eggs. on may 11, the volunteer huowa (pseudonym) responded that the community had just received a notice that the group purchase was prohibited during the silent management period, and at more than 10 o’clock that night, after receiving reports from other residents in the community, she went to the door according to the requirements of the prevention and control office to understand the situation. after the prevention and control office determined that the eggs belonged to the group purchase, worried about the impact on the epidemic prevention of the community, they came to the door for the second time to recover the eggs. the pregnant woman in question did not write a letter of guarantee, but a letter of commitment.

the volunteer said: “at that time, we only informed this request, and there was no enforcement, we did not have this right, nor did we have excessive words, but the pregnant women were more emotional, and the prevention and control office let us go back first.” i didn’t report this, and i didn’t sell 40 yuan a plate of eggs. during my volunteer period, my family and i did not organize group purchases. ”

a resident who received the eggs told reporters that the pregnant woman bought 30 yuan and 30 eggs at that time, and if she bought them from other places, it might cost 40 to 45 yuan, and they wanted such eggs when they heard about it. “we took the eggs mainly from the neighbors upstairs and downstairs, and she also refunded them after receiving the red envelopes. in the end we all ate her eggs in vain, feeling particularly sorry for her. ”

on the 11th, the volunteer “huowa” dressed in red in the video told reporters that the person who reported the report on the internet was him, in fact, other residents, and the pregnant woman wrote a letter of guarantee, but a letter of commitment. huowa told reporters that this incident has had a negative impact on him and his family, and his personal information and family information have also been posted online. on the 11th, the reporter called the jinqiao town prevention and control office, and the staff said that they had paid attention to the video transmitted on the internet and reported it to the leaders, and the relevant staff was currently dealing with the matter



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