China – dongfeng 31 missile leak: the doctor and nankai high-quality students were corrupted by money, and the two spies were finally shot

professor zheng qiang: “what science has no borders, funny! qian xuesen returned to china and was locked up for three years… when science serves whom, it has a deep national imprint…. ”

it once exploded on the internet, causing the resonance and indignation of countless chinese people. indeed, science and technology, as the condensation of the creativity and vitality of a country and a nation, have a bearing on the future and destiny of a country and a nation, and when the talents cultivated by a country go abroad and are painstakingly worried about the scientific and technological development of other countries and nations abroad, how can it not be chilling? how could professor zheng qiang not make professor zheng qiang say this passage with pain?

however, “under the prosperity of the world, there will be moths”, not everyone can be as enthusiastic as professor zheng qiang for the birth and maintenance of their own country and nation, and they are also the top talents cultivated by the country, but guo wanjun and wo weihan have betrayed their former beliefs.

the two men sold the secret of the dongfeng no. 31 missile, which the state spent hundreds of millions of dollars to develop, to taiwanese spies for hundreds of thousands of dollars. they have long forgotten the road they came from, the soil under their feet, and embarked on a road of betrayal of the country and the nation.

the “pillar of the nation” who was shot

on november 28, 2008, guo wanjun and warwickhan, the main perpetrators of the shocking dongfeng no. 31 missile leak case, were executed for illegally providing state secrets and espionage to foreign countries, thus bringing a successful end to the most vicious and influential espionage case since the founding of the people’s republic of china.

for a time, no one did not clap their hands and applaud, but if you go back to more than 20 years ago, at that time, they had unlimited scenery and were regarded as “the pillars of the country”.

guo wanjun, born in 1942, manchu, a native of harbin, heilongjiang province, graduated from the physics department of nankai university as a high-achieving student.

therefore, after graduation, he successfully entered the national military industry department and engaged in strategic missile research. after that, guo wanjun relied on his own efforts and research, and after working for many years, he gradually accumulated rich experience in missile development and became one of the top strategic missile research workers at that time, with a promising future.

wo weihan, also a native of heilongjiang, was born in 1949, and he successfully caught up with the first batch of college entrance examinations and graduated from the medical department of harbin university in 1981. after graduation, vovyhan did not stop his pursuit.

in the next three years, he continued to study for a master’s degree at the institute of biophysics of the chinese academy of sciences, when his greatest desire was to be able to stay in the institute after graduation and work in his favorite biological field.

in 1984, at the age of 35, vovihan graduated with a master’s degree from the institute of biophysics of the chinese academy of sciences.

at the same time, wovihan also realized his dream wish, stayed in the institute to work, became a member of the institute of biophysics of the chinese academy of sciences, engaged in research in the field of biology and guo wanjun, at that time, wovihan, can be described as a bright future, by the state, dedicated to training.

but who could have predicted that, more than twenty years later, they would renege on their current creed, commit heinous crimes, and become a disgrace to the country and the nation.

treason under the lust of profit

after becoming a member of the institute of biophysics of the chinese academy of sciences, warwickhan was ecstatic, but soon after, survival became a major problem in his life.

on the one hand, he wanted to leave the house to earn money, on the other hand, he could not bear to give up the job he loved, which made him more and more depressed, and this dilemma and entanglement made his mentality gradually change.

in 1987, because of his outstanding performance, under the recommendation of his mentors and colleagues, he successfully obtained the public qualification to study in munich, germany, and he packed his bags and embarked on a journey to a foreign country. in germany, warvihan was shocked by the prosperity of the place, his attitude changed, and he became suspicious of his homeland.

contact with friends and relatives in his home country slowly became less. during this period, the taiwanese roommates who studied here noticed him and contacted him step by step, and after many discussions and friendships, the taiwanese housemates revealed their identity as agents, promised him heavy profits, and promised to help solve vovyhan’s troubles and arrange the nationality and employment of his wife.

after a series of “intimate services”, warwickhan did not hesitate to agree, and the country and the nation, in the face of immediate interests, became a trivial matter. it was from this moment that vovyhan forgot the motherland of “born and raised in sri lanka”, chose to betray and flee, and became a “traitor”.

in 1991, wolfehan successfully graduated with the state’s public funds and obtained a doctorate, at this time, his heart was full of disgust for the poverty and backwardness of his country, he had long forgotten the country’s kindness, and tried his best to put the motherland out of poverty.

after this, the “well-meaning” taiwanese housemate helped wolfehan to take his wife and daughter to austria, break away from chinese nationality, and become austrian citizens. wolfehan, on the other hand, considered returning to chinese mainland gather intelligence to repay this “favor” and maintained his chinese citizenship.

in the following two years, vovyhan did not continue his research in his favorite field of biology, but with the support of taiwan, he began to do business and became a wealthy austrian businessman. in 1994, the little prestigious “chinese” vovyhan, driven by various factors, set out to return to china.

at this time, he was openly “returning from his studies and serving the motherland,” but secretly he was carrying out the dirty business of collecting intelligence for taiwan. at that time, how could wovihan have thought that when he returned to china this time, the fate of himself and another person had already taken an earth-shaking turn.

a vassal of the nation caught in the vortex of wealth

after returning to china, wo weihan founded beijing wohua biotechnology co., ltd., successfully developed a series of pharmaceutical products, obtained invention patents, and received national recognition and support. but behind the seemingly bright, there is a shameful betrayal.

while running the company, warwickhan used the resources at his disposal to continuously develop spies and provide continuous intelligence to taiwan, he was no longer a teenager full of expectations, and he cared more about the money and power in his hands than the national and national righteousness.

while wovihan was entangled in money and constantly developing spies, guo wanjun was still conscientiously engaged in the research and development of missiles in his post.

by chance, wo weihan met guo wanjun, who had become the core figure of the national military industry department and held the position of chief designer of the national strategic weapon dongfeng no. 31. after knowing everything, under the intentional friendship of wovihan, guo wanjun became wovihan’s guest.

after that, wo weihan took guo wanjun in a high-end car, ate delicious food, and enjoyed the life of left and right hugs. guo wanjun looked at this man who was seven years younger than him, but he had such a financial power, he couldn’t help but feel envious.

it is precisely in this way that wo weihan saw guo wanjun’s weakness and reported his information to the taiwan authorities; with the strong support of the taiwan authorities, wo weihan revealed to guo wanjun: “the missile intelligence you are developing at hand is of great value and can be realized.”

under guo wanjun’s temptation, what national righteousness and state secrets have long been left behind, and all he wants in his heart is to quickly realize these things and live a life like a rich man like wovihan. after the deal was reached, guo wanjun often leaked information about the df-31 strategic missile to warwickhan.

considering that warwickhan did not understand the relevant value of the intelligence, he even explained to warwickhan in detail the information about the df-31 strategic missile. soon, guo wanjun’s “outstanding performance” attracted the appreciation of the taiwan authorities, and under the operation of wo weihan, the taiwan leaders personally received this “outstanding talent” and successively gave him 400,000 us dollars in return.

in this way, guo wanjun spared no effort to leak the information of the dongfeng no. 31 missile in exchange for higher returns. as a result, the information flow of the dongfeng 31 strategic intercontinental missile, which the state has invested nearly hundreds of millions of yuan to build, has become a sharp weapon to contain china.

li lingzhi fainted in the self-casting net

on october 1, 1999, china held a grand military parade on the same day, and just as the leaders of the country confidently demonstrated the df-31 strategic missile weapons to all countries, the united states reacted very calmly, and the taiwan authorities even openly declared that they were fearless and revealed some accurate data on the df-31 strategic missile.

the dongfeng no. 31 strategic missile, which is supposed to be a weapon of great powers, has become a joke under the operation of guo wanjun and wo weihan, two “excellent talents”. it should be known that the dongfeng no. 31 strategic missile can be loaded with nuclear warhead intercontinental missiles, and the strategic deterrent is extremely strong.

in addition, before the war, the foreign ministry of foreign affairs declared that its range could cover the united states, how could this make the united states so calm? when things go wrong, there must be demons, and the china national security bureau realized that there was a leak of information about the dongfeng no. 31 missile, so it immediately launched an investigation.

and this investigation found the head of guo wanjun, the chief designer of the dongfeng no. 31 strategic missile. after that, the nsa raided guo wanjun, but because guo wanjun was too cunning, he was also unable to make substantial progress after being taken to the national security interrogation room.

just when they were at a loss, an experienced national security worker found that guo wanjun’s home call record had a phone number that was very peculiar, often dialing in three times after a period of time, and the second time was often answered for a second.

after discovering this law, the staff of the national security bureau made a plan to catch this “big fish”. the first is to spread the news that the new model of missiles is ready to be developed, and guo wanjun has been appointed as the chief designer. the second is to wait for the phone and lure it into the net according to the previously discovered telephone dialing law.

in fact, this time there was an element of gambling, betting on whether the people behind guo wanjun were greedy enough, and it turned out that the national security bureau was right to gamble. after suspecting that something was wrong, warwickhan still held a fluke mentality, and greed made him unwilling to give up guo wanjun’s line, and took the risk to go to guo wanjun’s home to conduct intelligence transactions, but fell into the net.

from the beginning, greed lured him to the road of no return, and eventually sent him to justice and was duly punished. on may 24, 2007, the beijing no. 2 intermediate people’s court held a hearing on the case and sentenced two people to death.


“the traitors and heroes of the country died, and the monuments of the ages were illuminated.” the dongfang no. 31 strategic missile exists as a deterrent weapon, and the state has invested hundreds of millions of dollars and countless manpower and material resources to effectively ensure the security of national defense and 1.3 billion people, but in the end it was leaked by guo wanjun and wo weihan, two traitors, at a price of two million, causing china to become a laughingstock and end up being a void.

even if the treatment of researchers becomes an urgent problem, it is not a reason for their betrayal. you must know that before them, elder qian’s return to china was difficult and dangerous, only for this beloved land; elder deng personally embraced the nuclear warhead, only for the chinese nation not to be humiliated.

the love of these predecessors for this land has long shown them how to choose and pointed out the way. before there are heroes to guide the way, after there is the cultivation of the state, desire should not be an excuse for making mistakes.

BY : Jang Long


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