ChiNa – After 35 years of isolation, the “husband and wife” have animalistic nature

Modern society has become very civilized, many technologies have been particularly developed, and we are not used to the previous days. if you were also allowed to abandon the internet and mobile phones now and return to the mountains and forests to survive, would you agree? i believe that most people can’t get used to that kind of life, but many people yearn for that kind of environment, but they can’t be too closed. but the couple introduced today has lived in seclusion in the mountains for 35 years, and after coming out, they can’t return to normal life at all, and their wives have become beastly.

in fact, the couple is particularly pitiful, they originally had a very happy family, but the only child of the two people unfortunately passed away, and after the wife’s hot eyes hit, every day lived a particularly melancholy. there was no way out, so they chose to stay in the mountains. the husband is also particularly distressed about his wife, want her to quickly cheer up, go to the son to the grave, let them live a good life, hope that the wife can return to normal as soon as possible, in the past 30 years they have not had contact with the outside world, and the living environment is unimaginable to ordinary people.

they no longer live like people in society, going out every day to find food, sleeping in caves at night, such days are simply unbelievable. i thought that my wife would become normal and they could go back, but i didn’t expect them to be discovered by someone else. someone found them when they went on an expedition in the mountains, and by this time the wife was completely human. in fact, we shouldn’t pay more attention to this matter, but they can’t watch it. so i contacted the local authorities and hoped that they could take care of it.

after that, someone was sent to pick up the couple, who had been isolated for so long and were particularly unaccustomed to life outside. i don’t know how long it will take for them to communicate normally. many people say that this is very incredible, but this kind of escape from life is still not advisable, even if it is very sad, but they must try to be optimistic.

in fact, we should not talk about everyone’s lifestyle, but the two old people are now very old, and if they continue to stay in the mountains, it is likely that their health will not be good, and if they can return to society to take good care of it, the future life will be more smooth

By: Ling Xeng


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