China – In the late qing dynasty, the 19-year-old rebel girl would be stripped naked, and the means of execution would be hated and scolded and made people cry

the qing dynasty was corrupt and backward in our impression, and the rulers of the qing dynasty at that time were unwilling to accept the arrival of the new era and exerted pressure on the people everywhere in order to consolidate their power and thus rule the world, and even colluded with the japanese army to do some illegal activities. at this point, a group of people have fought against the qing forces, and one of the women will be arrested by the qing army and died late, the end is very tragic, but she is the heroine in people’s hearts, she is zhou xiuying.

unlike ordinary girls, zhou xiuying learned martial arts from her father from an early age, and her martial arts are exquisite, and she can be described as a well-known female general in shanghai. at first, it was his father who led zhou xiuying to participate in the peasant movement, with the purpose of seeking grievances for the people and resisting the unreasonable grain collection of the people by local officials and people. after the victory of this peasant movement, zhou xiuying’s heroic image in the hearts of the people has been established.

perhaps influenced by her father and family culture, zhou xiuying has been full of ambition since she was a child, she is not accustomed to these bullying and weak people in the officials, and she also decided to do justice for the people in the future. later, with the rise of the taiping heavenly kingdom movement, zhou xiuying chose to join the struggle alone, and she spent her future life on the road of anti-qing.

when she joined the taiping heavenly kingdom movement, the leader of the taiping army was very important to her, not only because she was proficient in martial arts, but also because she admired her, she was indeed different from ordinary people, and the kind of heroic courage we had never seen. at first, zhou xiuying led the soldiers to fight against the qing army, encountered many difficulties on the road, and she rushed to the front line in each struggle and repelled the qing army many times.

her courage not only made the qing army fearful, her story was also marveled and circulated by foreigners, there were many heroic female generals in china, and she was the most admirable and regrettable. in a struggle, zhou xiuying was captured by the qing army because she was outnumbered, and we lost such a bold heroine from then on. at that time, the qing army led the army to attack the west city gate, and zhou xiuying still rushed to the front line as before, but due to the strong power of the qing army and the use of fire by foreign forces to help the qing army, zhou xiuying was outnumbered and eventually captured by the qing army.

the generals of the qing army had long been dissatisfied with zhou xiuying, they had repeatedly sent troops to be defeated by zhou xiuying, causing them heavy losses, and a large number of qing compatriots were killed by zhou xiuying, this time it was difficult to catch her, they never wanted to let her go, they tried to torture her in various ways to relieve the resentment in their hearts. after the qing army captured zhou xiuying alive, they specially invited the most famous knife hand at that time to torture zhou xiuying.

the qing army tried her best to torture zhou xiuying, but she just refused to let go, nor did she want to join the qing army’s ranks, the qing army was really rudderless, and could only end her life in the most cruel way, which was also a comfort to the dead compatriots of the qing army! zhou xiuying was killed by ling chi, and the knife hand who enforced this criminal law stripped her of her clothes and made it public, and even sacrificed her heart to the qing army that was killed by her.

at that time, zhou xiuying was only 19 years old, but she never asked the qing army for forgiveness, perhaps when she decided to embark on the anti-qing road, she did not think about the consequences. zhou xiuying had such lofty ambitions at such a young age, although she only lived to be 19 years old at that time, but what she did will be remembered by people and we will always be heroes



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