VietNam – Beautiful woman “addicted” to adultery, divorced 3 times still does not repent

At the age of 29, you are beautiful. Every line on her face is delicate, the body is standard, the way she is dressed is also very fashionable.

It is because of this always beautiful appearance that Mr. Thu has made Tu Nam fascinated at first sight. Even though he later learned that He had been married three times, he didn’t care, partly because he had also been married.

At the age of 35, Tu Nam had failed in his marriage due to the inappropriate personality between him and his ex-wife. So from the beginning, Tu Nam didn’t care that Mr. Thu was divorced and did not ask about why her three previous marriages had all broken up. He even felt that she was so gentle, so beautiful, she must have been disappointed by her ex-husbands.

Tu Nam pursued passionately, in a desire to bring happiness to Mr. Thu, finally making her happy.

The two came together, Tu Nam handed over all the money he had saved over the years to Mr. Thu to manage. But the happy life after marriage does not last long. Tu Nam has discovered the secret of 3 failed marriages in a row of Anh Thu.

She always said that she was busy working overtime, many nights did not come home or came home but very late, but the money was nowhere to be seen. In addition, even when she got home, she kept staring at her phone, smiling for a long time.

The abnormalities made me realize that something was wrong. One day, when Mr. Thu was in the shower, Tu Nam quietly picked up his wife’s phone to check. As a result, you see things that make you angry. Mr. Thu talked to a strange man, let go of his hearing, the words smelled like “miss you”, “let’s meet”… and a lot of private photos were sent back and forth that shocked Tu Nam badly. It’s clear that the letter has deceived you.

When Mr. Thu walked out of the bathroom, saw Tu Nam holding the phone with an angry expression, she panicked and knelt down and begged Tu Nam to give herself a chance, she promised not to continue this affair, promising to end the way of life with men. Her reputation was already very bad, if she divorced again, in the next life she could not look up at anyone, nor could she seriously reach anyone anymore.

Tu Nam bitterly realized that his wife’s previous three marriages ended not because people were at fault with her, but that she was the one to blame.

For a man who says that discovering his wife’s┬áinfidelity┬áis both a pain and a feeling of humiliation, their first reaction is mostly to want an immediate divorce. But Tu Nam still hesitated because in part, he was no longer young, partly, he loved Mr. Thu. He wondered if he forgiven, whether Mr. Thu would therefore change her lifestyle or not, or continue to adventure love behind her husband’s back. She’s right that if this marriage ends, her future is over, but if given the opportunity too easily, will she really change?

Marriage is not a shackle, but if you have decided to enter into marriage, the basic thing to follow is fidelity. Fidelity is the minimum requirement for conjugal relations, both morally and legally. If one maintains that principle and the other does not, then a broken marriage is inevitable.



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