China – Man burying himself alive to test his dog’s loyalty

nowadays, there are more and more people who have pets, some people will buy some more expensive dogs, but some people will raise earth dogs, after all, earth dogs are sometimes not worse than good breeds. the man in the picture has a small earth dog, and its appearance is still very cute.

however, the man is wondering, is this earth dog smart enough, is it loyal? so i thought of a way to test it, but i didn’t know what to do? finally he thought of a way to bury himself and see how the dog reacted.

as can be seen from the picture, the man directly buried himself with soil, and pretended to be asleep, at first, the dog’s reaction was to keep circling around him, to the back, the dog has been using its two front paws to plane the soil, small it, the strength is not very large, but it knows that the owner is in danger.

after reading it, xiaobian just wants to say that all things have spirits, please be kind to every animal that is good to you! do you have such a lovely wordless friend in your family?

the man tests the loyalty of the dog, and the thought of burying himself, the ending makes many people reflect

BY : Minh Giang


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