ChiNa – The all-blind dog was afraid to go down the steps, and his brother patiently taught him

dogs can’t speak, but they show love with practical actions.

the two alaskan dogs in the owner’s family of mr. chen are two brothers, and the black-haired brother dabao cannot be seen at birth, and he will be particularly uneasy when he goes to a strange place from a young age, fortunately, he has his younger brother jubao by his side. although jubao is the younger brother, he takes care of another dog like an older brother.

that day the owner carried the big treasure to the platform and fed it something to eat. later, he walked away to get a snack, but dabao was in a hurry. what is this place? it stretched out its claws to explore and found that the front was not the floor, and the owner was not around, making the invisible it more nervous, and many times the probe wanted to jump but flinched.

dabao was so anxious that he hummed on the platform, especially anxious. unexpectedly, after seeing the giant treasure next to him, he patiently taught the big treasure how to go down the steps.

after the younger brother jumped up, he rubbed next to his brother and then gently pecked it, telling it to follow him, and then jumped down from the platform with ease. if dabao could see it, then his brother’s teaching would definitely be able to learn it at once. mother dogs also often use this “body teaching” method to teach puppies.

later, the younger brother demonstrated again, but dabao couldn’t see it and couldn’t react at all.

in the end, there was no way, the younger brother had to push the big treasure with his mouth, so that he bravely took the first step. dabao finally managed to jump down the steps.

the owner felt particularly relieved to see such a heart-warming scene, even if he was not around, his brother would stand up to protect dabao. until dabao was born with defects, but still left it around to take care of, the owner must also be a loving person. dogs who grow up in loving families will also be particularly considerate and gentle.

however, some dogs are inherently gentle, such as the heart-warming golden retriever.

There is a particularly sensible golden retriever Maverick abroad, who has become the “guide dog” of the 11-year-old golden retriever at the age of 4 months. The 11-year-old dog in the family has removed its eyeballs due to glaucoma, and it often does not know where it is when it is blind, and the familiar home has become particularly strange.

In the year of pregnancy, the owner wanted to find a dog to accompany the old dog and accompany the child when he grew up, so they brought Maverick back. Unexpectedly, Maverick is not at all like a 4-month-old puppy, it is not like a puppy who plays crazy all day, but shows unprecedented gentleness to accompany the old dog.

Maverick became the “eye” of the old dog, and when the old dog was trapped in the corner, Maverick would run over and touch its leg with its head and tell it how to walk. Old dogs often can’t find toys, and Maverick will grab the toy in front of him and invite him to play with it. When he went out, Maverick would also take a few steps and turn back, waiting for the old dog’s slow pace.

the owner never expected that the 11-year-old dog and the 4-month-old dog could get along so harmoniously. probably because they are all golden retrievers, heart-warming big golden retrievers.

BY : Minh Giang


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