China – The yam pork rib soup is sweet and nutritious, and the elderly and children can often drink it!

introduction: the preparation of yam pork rib soup, the taste is sweet, rich in nutrition, the elderly and children can often drink!

the hot summer is coming, this weather usually people do not want to eat, just want to come to the cold drink, or drink a bowl of sweet soup, let ran feel more comfortable, in the southern region, almost inseparable from the soup, very important. otherwise, there is no appetite for eating anything, and southerners may be very experienced. the types of soup are also very many, seafood, vegetables, meat can be made into soup, a wide variety, just today to introduce this rib soup method there are more than a dozen.

today xiaodongzi to recommend to everyone is corn yam rib soup, the taste of this soup is sweet, but also nutritious and delicious, with a variety of ingredients can not only supplement calcium can also be perfect immunity, the method is much simpler than sweet and sour ribs, the elderly and children can eat, this dish is relatively simple, but the ingredients must be cleaned well, direct use is not ok.

first we chop the ribs into small pieces, put them in cold water, blanch the blood foam and fish them out, rinse them with cool water and put them on a plate for later. prepare the corn, chop into small pieces, add build and goji berries. the yam is cleaned and peeled into hob pieces. all ingredients should be washed, do not put directly into the pot, j want to blanch the ribs, cold water under the pot, pour in the corn, put ginger slices and green onion. after bringing to a boil, simmer over low heat for about 50 minutes.

after that, you can add a little salt and add goji berries, yams, and dates to simmer over high heat for 20 minutes. a bowl of tender yam corn rib soup is ready, sprinkled with green onions, children and big friends are very fond of drinking, the taste is sweet, and calcium can also be supplemented to enhance immunity. when shining in peeling, you can put it in water to cut, so as not to blacken the yam and air contact, and you can also add white vinegar in the water, which can ensure that the yam is not black for a long time.

the skin of ginger and dates is very dirty, so be sure to wash it clean, many people are not washing directly under the pot. if you want the soup white of the yam stewed ribs, you need to fry the ribs in oil in advance. this yam pork rib soup is not simple and nutritious, but also very suitable for the appetite of children and the elderly. what are you waiting for, don’t hurry up and try it.



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