China’s “coolest” three cities, sleep at night basically do not need to turn on the air conditioning, summer temperature of about 20 degrees

The hot summer has arrived, for many people, this is undoubtedly a “bad news”, the hot summer can not help but make people feel unbearable heat, but also make people feel bored, do not have interest in anything. don’t worry, today xiaobian is going to introduce three summer cities for everyone, no need to blow air conditioning, you can feel the slightest coolness, and there are a large number of scenic spots to play.


as the capital city of guizhou, guiyang is certainly not unfamiliar to everyone, but many people do not know him very well. although guiyang is not as developed and prosperous as the big cities of beijing, shanghai, guangzhou, and shenzhen, the environment in the territory is definitely one of the best cities in china, especially in the summer, which is a summer resort. the average summer temperature in guiyang is about 23 degrees, even if the hot weather is, it will not reach more than 33 degrees, and there are a large number of tourist attractions in the territory, such as qianling mountain, qingyan ancient town, huaxi park, etc., which are worth visiting.

six plates of water

in addition to guiyang, there is another city in guizhou that is more suitable for summer escape, that is, liupanshui city, the cool capital of china. the average temperature of liupanshui in summer is about 20 degrees, and even if it is a volt day, the maximum temperature is only 30 degrees, so every summer, liupanshui also welcomes a large number of tourists. in addition to the suitable temperature, liupanshui also has many tourist attractions, such as yushe national forest park, dalaxian valley, wumeng mountain national geopark, etc.


many people think that the summer in yunnan is very hot, in fact, it is not, the summer in yunnan is comparable to guizhou, especially kunming, which is a representative city, even in july and august, the average temperature is only about 25 degrees, only from kunming’s nickname “spring city” can be seen, this is a very suitable city for human habitation. moreover, kunming is also a well-known tourist city in china, and the stone forest, dianchi lake, cuihu lake, golden hall, yuantong zen temple, etc. in the territory are all well-known tourist attractions in china.

BY : Jang Long


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