Chinese delicious 11 bowls of noodles, Lanzhou beef noodle list, the first place is unexpected

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China is a country of great culture and etiquette. From ancient times to the present, countless food inheritances have been derived. Taking noodles alone, there are more than a dozen different eating methods in my country. These eating methods are divided by region or genre, and they are always different. They all have one thing in common – delicious! Today, the editor will take you to take stock of 11 bowls of delicious noodles in China. Among them, Lanzhou Beef Noodles ranks first, which is unexpected. Let’s see which bowl is your favorite?

Eleventh place: Kunshan Aozao Noodles. Although the name is a mouthful, when you mention the two types of noodles, fried fish noodles in red oil and braised duck noodles in white soup, I believe everyone will suddenly understand. That’s right, as one of the famous dishes of Jiangsu cuisine, Aozao noodles are especially famous for this kind of noodles. Many people have to eat a bowl when they come to Kunshan.

Tenth place: Pot cover noodles. As the pot cover noodles with the reputation of “National No. 1 Noodle”, it was once featured on CCTV’s “A Bite of China”. This kind of noodles has pores, so it is easier to taste, and it is served with secret ingredients and sauces. , eating a mouthful is exhilarating!

Ninth place: Hangzhou Pianerchuan. Hangzhou food is famous for its lightness, and Pianerchuan fully embodies the deliciousness of light dishes. As a Hangzhou native, if you don’t eat a bowl of Pianerchuan for two or three days, you always feel that something is missing.

Eighth place: Henan Braised Noodles. Stewed noodles have appeared in our country since 4000 years ago, and they have been passed down to today. Very strong and tasty.

Seventh place: Lanzhou Beef Noodles. Lanzhou Beef Noodles are popular all over the country, and they have been sold abroad recently. I believe many friends have tasted this delicacy before!

Sixth place: Yanji Binglian. The name comes from its method – the soup and noodles are cold, and even the side dishes are cold. After eating a bowl, the face is cold, so it is called “ice face”. Interested friends can Try it!

Fifth place: Beijing fried noodles. Old Beijing Zhajiang Noodles is quite famous, and everyone must have heard of it, so I won’t introduce it here.

Fourth place: Shanxi sliced ​​noodles. Shanxi, the “Hometown of Noodles”, has many well-known noodle dishes, but the sliced ​​noodles with thin inner and outer ribs, soft and smooth texture and taste are very popular among Chinese and foreign people.

Third place: Sichuan Dandan noodles. Friends who love spicy food must not miss this Chengdu snack. When you arrive in Chengdu, first have a bowl of salty, fresh, slightly spicy, and fragrant Dandan noodles. You will immediately integrate into this city and feel its charm!

Second place: Wuhan Hot Dry Noodles. As a representative of mixed noodles, hot and dry noodles are well-known. Compared with watery soup noodles, mixed noodles are more distinctive, and they can be seasoned according to personal taste, so they are very popular among the public.



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