eating five delicacies on six or nine, one spring will not get sick”, after the spring, what does eating “five delicacies” refer to

“There is less frost at the end of the year, and the grass and trees in the world know when spring comes.” After spring returns to the earth, everything is full of vitality, and the vegetable seeds that were originally buried in the soil also begin to grow upwards, adding a touch of greenness to the world. , It also adds more deliciousness to the spring. After all, the Spring Festival is full of big fish and meat, so people especially like these fragrant spring vegetables in this early spring, which taste fresh and tender.

As the saying goes, “eat five delicacies on six or nine, and you will not get sick in one spring.” Now every six or nine days, the temperature is getting warmer, and it is also a good time to eat fresh spring vegetables. There are five kinds of vegetables full of umami that you should eat more, because now like Winter vegetables such as radishes and cabbage are no longer suitable for eating. They are slightly inferior to spring vegetables in terms of nutrition, taste and taste. The following is a detailed introduction to these five delicacies, and a recipe is attached, so you can make more and eat more at home.

1. Leek

As the saying goes, “early leeks in early spring, and late autumn wombats”, early spring leeks have the reputation of “the most fresh in spring”. The green and tender leaves taste full of fragrance after cooking, and the strong fragrance hits people’s hearts. Moreover, leeks can be eaten in a variety of ways, such as stuffing, cold dressing, grilling, and frying, and they are also very versatile, whether they are paired with meat, river fresh food, seafood, or other vegetables and soy products. It is delicious to eat.

Recommended recipe: 【Stir-Fried Leeks】

Ingredients: leeks, dried fragrant, garlic, millet pepper.

1. Pick the leeks, wash them and control the water, cut them into long sections, place the stems and leaves separately on the plate, rinse and slice the fragrant dried, and prepare millet pepper and minced garlic.

2. Heat the oil in a pan, pour in the dried fragrant and stir-fry over low heat to produce the aroma of beans. There is also a layer of small bubbles on the surface of the fragrant dried. Add millet pepper and minced garlic and stir-fry to obtain the aroma.

3. Pour a spoonful of oyster sauce and light soy sauce into a small bowl, add a spoonful of starch, an appropriate amount of salt, and chicken essence, add an appropriate amount of water, stir well, pour it into the pot, stir fry a few times to coat the dried fragrant with a layer of gravy.

4. Put the leek stems into the pot and stir-fry three or four times, then put the leek leaves, stir-fry for a while, turn off the heat and put on a plate.

2. Spinach

Spinach, which has the title of “Nutrition Model Student”, is also a delicious food worth eating frequently in spring. Spinach is the same as leek. Although it can be bought in all seasons, only this spring spinach is crisp, tender and delicious. Especially if you want to buy sharp-leaf spinach with red roots and eggs, it is very fragrant and delicious whether it is fried or steamed, and it can also deliver a lot of nutrition to the body.

Recommended recipe: 【Spinach Egg Custard】

Ingredients: spinach, eggs, garlic, millet pepper.

1. Wash and remove the roots of the spinach, bring water to a boil in a cooking pot, add salt and oil, pour in the spinach and blanch for half a minute, remove and let cool, squeeze out excess water and cut into sections.

2. Beat four eggs in a bowl, add a little water and a teaspoon of salt to break up, add a little water starch and stir well, filter the egg liquid twice with a strainer to remove the floating powder.

3. Mix the egg liquid and the spinach section, find a suitable bowl, brush with oil and pour in the spinach and egg liquid, seal a layer of plastic wrap, use a toothpick to pierce a few holes, put it in a SAIC steamer, and use medium heat Steam for 20 minutes.

4. Cut minced garlic and millet chili rings, put them in a bowl, add vinegar, soy sauce, and sesame oil to make a sauce, steam the spinach egg custard, take it out, cut into cubes and eat with dipping sauce.

3. Bean sprouts

As the saying goes, “eat sprouts in spring and melons in summer”, spring is the season to eat tender sprouts, and bean sprouts, one of the sprouts, cannot be missed. The bean sprouts have high nutritional value, and they taste delicious and refreshing. They can be served with rice after adding vinegar, or they can be fried with other vegetables or meat. Other big fish and meat should be kept aside. It tastes delicious and nutritious.

Recommended recipe: [Roasted Soybean Sprouts with Mushrooms]

Ingredients: soybean sprouts, shiitake mushrooms, pork, ginger, garlic.

1. Rinse the soybean sprouts, bring water to a boil in a cooking pot, put a spoonful of salt into the bean sprouts and blanch for 1 minute, remove and drain the water. Wash and slice the shiitake mushrooms, cut the pork into minced meat, and prepare minced ginger and minced garlic.

2. Heat oil in a pan, pour minced garlic and ginger until fragrant, pour in minced meat and stir-fry until the color changes, add a spoonful of light soy sauce, a little dark soy sauce and cooking wine, and add some salt for color and taste.

3. Pour the shiitake mushrooms into the pot, stir-fry for two minutes, stir-fry the water in the shiitake mushrooms, pour the soybean sprouts into the pot, add two spoonfuls of oyster sauce and a spoonful of light soy sauce, and season with an appropriate amount of salt and a little pepper.

4. Stir well on high heat, pour the starch into the pot and stir fry to thicken the sauce, then turn off the heat and put it on a plate.

4. Spring bamboo shoots

“You can’t live without bamboo, you can’t eat without bamboo shoots”, no one can resist the delicious taste of bamboo shoots, especially the tender bamboo shoots in spring, after a whole winter of stinging and resting, absorbing the nutrients of the earth It just broke through the ground again, and the umami taste and nutrition are enough to make people admire. The fragrant and crisp spring bamboo shoots are never picky about their “partners”. No matter how they are fried or cooked, the taste will make people obsessed and intoxicated.

Recommended recipe: [Shrimp with Bamboo Shoots in Spring]

Ingredients: spring bamboo shoots, shrimp, lard.

1. After the spring bamboo shoots are peeled, beat them with a knife and cut them into sections. Thaw the shrimps, wash them and control the water. Put a spoonful of light soy sauce, a spoonful of starch and a little salt and pepper, mix well and marinate for 10 minutes.

2. Pour oil into the frying pan, heat it to 50% heat, pour in the marinated shrimps, stir-fry over medium-low heat until the color changes, and serve it out.

3. Start the pot again, put two tablespoons of lard, pour in the spring bamboo shoots and stir-fry, sprinkle a little sugar and an appropriate amount of salt, stir-fry well, add a spoonful of soy sauce, continue to stir-fry over medium heat, and then cover the pot Simmer for 2 minutes.

4. Pour the fried shrimp into the pot, add two tablespoons of oyster sauce, stir well, turn off the heat and take out the pot.

5. Chrysanthemum chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum chrysanthemum in spring is also one of the hidden delicious ingredients. The green leaves and delicate leaf stems always exude a refreshing aroma, which is the most refreshing taste in spring. If you eat too much fish and meat during the Spring Festival, you might as well buy a handful of Chrysanthemum chrysanthemum and stir-fry it. It will be refreshing, fresh, tender and delicious, and your appetite will return to its original state.

Recommended recipe: 【Stir-fried Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum with Minced Garlic】

Ingredients: Chrysanthemum chrysanthemum, garlic, ginger, dried chili.

1. Wash and cut chrysanthemum chrysanthemum into sections, separate the chrysanthemum chrysanthemum stalk and leaves, boil the pot with water, add salt and a little oil, pour in the chrysanthemum chrysanthemum stalk and blanch for half a minute, then put the chrysanthemum chrysanthemum leaves into the pot and cook After 15 seconds, remove and control the water for later use. Also cut some minced garlic and dried chilli segments for later use.

2. Heat the oil in a pan, add half of the minced garlic and dried chili, sauté until fragrant, add Chrysanthemum chrysanthemum, and fry for 1 minute over high heat.

3. Add one spoon each of soy sauce and oyster sauce, half a spoon each of balsamic vinegar and sugar, and then add an appropriate amount of salt. Stir well, then put the remaining minced garlic into the pot, stir fry, turn off the heat and put it on a plate.



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