Chuchun teaches you 10 delicious home-cooked dishes, eat them differently every day, don’t repeat the same every day, hurry up and collect them!

The food is also very popular with everyone, and it is a very common food. Use ordinary ingredients every day to make the most delicious meals. At the same time, I also hope that today’s food can bring you a whole day of happiness.

Stir-Fried Green Pepper and Bean Sprouts


1 green pepper, 250 grams of mung bean sprouts, 200 grams of dried fragrant, appropriate amount of oil, and appropriate amount of salt.


1. Remove the heads and roots of the bean sprouts.

2. Deseeded and shredded the green peppers, dried and shredded.

3. Heat a pan with cold oil, stir-fry the green peppers for ten seconds.

4. Add dried fragrant, bean sprouts and salt.

5. Stir fry for two or three minutes on high heat.

Chicken Drumstick Soup with Yam and Mushroom

Prepare ingredients: yam, fresh mushrooms, chicken legs, carrots, red dates.

Practice steps:

1. Clean the chicken legs and replace them with a flower knife, blanch them in a pot under cold water, add onion and ginger cooking wine to remove the fishy smell, after boiling, skim off the foam, then pick up the chicken legs and put them in a stew pot.

2. Clean the fresh shiitake mushrooms and change them into a flower knife, peel the carrots and cut them into hob pieces, peel the yams and cut them into sections, and put them all into the stew.

3. Then add an appropriate amount of water, cover and simmer for two hours. Finally, add salt to taste, stir evenly to taste and then take out of the pan.

Dragon Fruit Yam

Method: Ingredients: half a dragon fruit, 2 yams, a little rock sugar.

1. Peel the yam, steam it in a pan, cut it into small pieces, and put it on a plate.

2. Peel the red dragon fruit and put it in a wall breaker, add a little rock sugar and whip it into a fine state, pour it on the yam and serve.

Kelp salad

【materials needed】

Shredded kelp, cooking oil, garlic, bean paste, soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, salt, green and red pepper rings.

【Production steps】

1. Cook the kelp for 5 to 8 minutes. Take one and try it. If it is too hard, cook it again. When it is soft, take it out of the pot immediately. Put it in cold water, cut it into short pieces that are palatable, and drain it for later use;

2. Put the oil in another pan, add the bean paste, ginger, half of the garlic, chili noodles (optional), turn off the heat after sauteing, add green and red pepper rings, soy sauce, vinegar, chicken essence (optional) , sugar, mix well;

3. Add shredded kelp and mix well;

4. Taste the saltiness and then consider adding salt;

5. Finally, add minced garlic and mix well.

Shredded Pleurotus eryngii

Ingredients preparation: Pleurotus eryngii, carrot, green pepper, soy sauce, oyster sauce, garlic, sugar, chicken essence, salt, cooking oil

Production process:

1. Shred the carrots and green peppers, slice the garlic, and tear the king oyster mushrooms into small strips.

2. Pour the Pleurotus eryngii into boiling water and blanch for one minute, then remove and control the water.

3. Pour the oil into the pan, heat the oil and add garlic slices to sauté until fragrant, then pour in the dried Pleurotus eryngii and shredded carrots, stir-fry over high heat until soft, add shredded green peppers, salt, light soy sauce, oyster sauce, and a little sugar, turn over Stir-fry for a while until the green peppers are broken, and finally add the chicken essence, stir-fry evenly, and put it on a plate.

Cold white radish

  Prepare ingredients: white radish, garlic, coriander, onion, chili oil

Production method:

  1. Clean the white radish, keep the skin more crispy, and cut the radish into shreds;

  2. Put the shredded radish in a large bowl, use salt to drain the water, then squeeze it dry with your hands, and put it aside for later use;

  3. Clean the parsley, cut off the roots, and cut into small pieces; chop shallots into pieces; chop garlic into pieces;

 4. Add garlic, shallots, sesame oil and chili noodles to the bowl, and sauté in hot oil;

  5. Add appropriate amount of light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, salt and white pepper to the bowl and mix well;

  6. Then put the shredded white radish and coriander into the seasoning, mix well, and put it on a plate.

Fried Chicken with Mushroom and Carrot

Ingredients: 1 chicken breast, 8-10 fresh mushrooms, 1 carrot, soy sauce, oyster sauce, dark soy sauce, salt, sugar, cooking wine, pepper, dry starch, garlic, onion, cooking oil.


1. Remove the fascia after thawing the chicken breast, cut it into cubes and put it in a bowl, add a teaspoon of salt, a little pepper, a little cooking wine, 1 teaspoon of dry starch, stir well and marinate for about 15 minutes.

2. Wash the shiitake mushrooms, cut into thick slices and then into cubes. Peel carrots and cut into small cubes.

3. Finely chop the garlic and scallions and set aside. Scallion greens cut into chopped green onions.

4. Add an appropriate amount of water to the pot and boil, add the marinated diced chicken, blanch in water for 1 minute, then remove with water.

5. Start another pot, pour in an appropriate amount of oil and heat it up, first add the carrots and fry for a while, then pour in the diced mushrooms and stir fry for 2 minutes, then add 1 spoon of light soy sauce, 1 spoon of oyster sauce, less dark soy sauce, a little sugar, a little salt, and stir well.

6. Finally, add diced chicken and stir fry evenly. The soup cooked with mushrooms and oyster sauce is already a bit sticky. You don’t need to thicken it. Sprinkle chopped green onion, stir fry evenly and put it on a plate.

Spicy Bullfrog

Material preparation:

Main ingredient: bullfrog

Accessories: ginger, yellow pepper, millet pepper, garlic seeds, beer

Seasoning: soy sauce, oyster sauce, soy sauce, cooking wine, vinegar, sugar, pepper, salt, starch, chicken essence

Practice steps:

(1) Bullfrogs are slaughtered, peeled and gutted (you can buy them in the market), wash the blood, cut into large pieces, marinate with cooking wine, ginger, and pepper for half an hour to remove the fishy smell, clean them again, drain the water, and use a little Grasp the starch evenly, change the ingredients and cut into small pieces;

(2) Heat up the oil, slide the bullfrog until it changes color and remove it, put the bottom oil in the pan, put ginger, dried yellow chili, millet pepper, half garlic and sauté until fragrant, pour in the bullfrog and stir fry;

(3) Stir-fry a spoonful of raw oil, a spoonful of oyster sauce, a spoonful of braised soy sauce, and a little vinegar on the side of the pot to taste, pour in half a can of beer, boil over medium heat and simmer for five or six minutes to taste;

(4) When there is a little soup left, add a little salt, chicken essence, sugar, and pepper to enhance the flavor, add green peppers, millet peppers, garlic seeds, and fresh garlic and stir-fry until raw.

Stir-Fried Leeks with Eggs and Bean Sprouts

Prepare ingredients: eggs, bean sprouts, leeks, garlic slices.

Practice steps:

1. Heat up the oil in a pan. After the oil is hot, put in the egg liquid and cook. After it is cooked, stir fry and set aside.

2. Heat the oil in another pan. After the oil is hot, add sliced ​​garlic and sauté until fragrant, then add leeks and bean sprouts and stir-fry until they are broken, then add eggs.

3. Add light soy sauce and oyster sauce to taste, stir-fry evenly and then put it on a plate.

Double Bamboo Shoots and Shrimp

Ingredients: Appropriate amount of spring bamboo shoots, appropriate amount of lettuce, a little shrimp, appropriate amount of salt, a little white pepper, a little cooking wine, and a little soy sauce.

Method: 1. Clean the spring bamboo shoots, peel and wash the lettuce.

2. Dice spring bamboo shoots and lettuce for later use.

3. Sea prawns are peeled and cleaned, and marinated with a little salt and cooking wine. You can add an egg white and a small amount of starch to marinate.

4. Pour a small amount of oil into the pot, and when it is about 50% hot, add the marinated shrimp.

5. Stir-fry until the color changes, remove and drain.

6. Heat the bottom oil in the pot, add the double bamboo shoots and stir-fry, add the shrimps, cook with a small amount of cooking wine, top with light soy sauce, season with salt and leave the pot.



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