Eat fish on New Year’s Eve, I suggest everyone: Eat less hairtail and carp, eat more 4 kinds, less thorns and fresh meat is auspicious

To eat fish on New Year’s Eve, I suggest everyone: Eat less hairtail and carp, eat more 4 kinds, eat less fresh meat, and be auspicious. The most important festival, in this day of saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new, every family should prepare a table of sumptuous New Year’s Eve dinner Come celebrate the reunion.

“No fish, no feast, no wine, no feast.” Fish is an indispensable dish on the New Year’s Eve dinner table, because fish represents surplus every year and wealth, and there are a lot of fish on the New Year’s Eve dinner, and the fish must be complete. The requirement is to serve the whole fish. Finally, it means that the dishes are complete and more than enough every year.

Eating fish for New Year’s Eve dinner also has many characteristics.

You can’t say “turn it over” when eating fish, but say “turn it over”, and don’t eat the fish all at once, save some for the next day. Eating means that the family will have surplus money in the new year.

Hairtail and carp are very common economic fish, but neither of these two fish is suitable for the New Year’s Eve dinner table. The elders call it “Linglong”.

Because the octopus is cut into sections during cooking, which does not match the festive atmosphere of the New Year’s Eve dinner, hairtail is also called “saury fish” on the northern coast. It is obviously unlucky to use a knife on New Year’s Eve dinner.

Therefore, hairtail is not only rarely seen on the New Year’s Eve dinner table, but also rarely seen at wedding banquets and formal banquets.

There are a lot of carp being farmed now, and the price is not very high. Although the name of carp is auspicious, it is forbidden to kill on New Year’s Eve. Cheap carp with loose meat is rarely eaten for New Year’s Eve dinner.

Fish is of course indispensable on the New Year’s Eve dinner table. You can try these 4 kinds of fish, all of which are delicious with less spines and more meat, symbolizing auspiciousness.

1. Large yellow croaker

The large yellow croaker has few bones and much meat. The meat is in the shape of garlic cloves.

Recommended recipe: return with a heavy load

1. Wash the large yellow croaker and scrape off the scales.

After the gills are removed, the back is cut open, cut into two pieces, and connected to the abdomen. The main spine in the middle keeps it upright. Scrape the viscera and abdominal black membrane.

2. Clean the shrimp, shellfish and squid separately, then put them in a boiling water pot and blanch them until they curl up, take them out and let them cool. Deep-fry the cashew nuts until golden and crispy, remove and control the oil.

3. Add salt, cooking wine, pepper, green onion and ginger water to marinate the large yellow croaker for a while, mix the flour and dry starch in a ratio of 1:1, add an egg, pour in a little beer for oil and ingredients For the batter, put oil in the pot. When the oil temperature is 50% hot, hang the large yellow croaker on the batter, put the head and tail together in the pot and fry it into a boat shape. After rising again, put it in the pan and fry until the crust is crispy, then you can remove it.

4. Leave the bottom oil in the pot to sauté the shallots, ginger, and garlic until fragrant, add the blanched shrimp, shellfish, and squid flowers, stir fry evenly, pour in cooking wine, first-grade fresh soy sauce, salt, sugar, pepper, and cornstarch , after the gravy is covered with the ingredients, sprinkle the fried cashew nuts out of the pot and put them on the fried yellow croaker.

2. Gaki

“Zaji fish head, mackerel tail”, this is a common saying among coastal fishermen. It refers to the deliciousness of sandwiched fish. The meat of sandwiched fish is white and delicate, fresh and tender without peculiar smell. dining table.

Recommended Recipe: Steaming Day – Steamed Fish

1. Remove the scales, gills and viscera of the sandwich fish, clean them, and change the diamond-shaped flower knife evenly on the fish.

2. Add cooking wine, green onions, ginger, and pepper to the improved chicken fish, knead well and marinate for a while, after steaming in a steamer, put the marinated chicken fish into the pot and steam until fish eyes Turn white and swell, then turn off the heat and take it out, secrete the soup in the plate, scoop up the onion and ginger shreds, add onion and ginger shreds, carrot shreds and coriander, pour in the steamed fish soy sauce, pour in hot oil and serve serve.

3. Silver carp head

“Grass silver carp and bighead carp” are the four major economic fish in freshwater.

Among them, silver carp head is loved by everyone for its delicious meat and rich gum. Moreover, putting a silver carp head on the table of the New Year’s Eve dinner has a beautiful meaning of a fish head with good luck and good luck.

Recommended recipe: After more than a year – fried braised silver carp head

1. Scrape off the fish scales on the silver carp head, cut into two halves connected with the abdomen, clean the fish teeth, gills and black film on the abdomen, and replace the fish body evenly with a knife.

2. Put the oil in the pot and pour it out, then add cold oil and heat it up, dry the treated silver carp head and put it into the pot, fry until both sides are golden and set, gently push it to one side of the pot.

3. Deep-fry the fish oil and sauté shallots, ginger, garlic and a clove of star anise until fragrant, put it into a beer tank and cook until cooked, add some water, bring to a boil on high heat, then turn to low heat, simmer until the soup is white and thick, season with salt and pepper, Thicken the sauce over high heat and serve.

4. Sole

“One flounder, two mirrors, and three soles” are the rankings of three kinds of delicious sea fish by coastal fishermen. Sole is a famous dragon fish. The meat of this fish is delicate and thornless, and it tastes fresh and delicious without peculiar smell. The key point is that the name Longliyu sounds auspicious and festive.

Recommended Recipe: Homemade Braised Sole

1. Scrape off the scales of the sole, remove the gills and internal organs, wash the sole body, cut the fish body from both sides with a knife, and put it on a plate with the belly facing up.

2. Put oil in the pot and sauté the shallots, ginger, garlic and dried chili until fragrant, add cooking wine and Yipin fresh soy sauce and sauté until fragrant, then pour into the soup, add a little sugar to the soup to enhance the freshness, then gently push the soles of the shoes into the pot.

3. Bring the soup in the pot to a boil on high heat first, then turn to low heat, simmer until the soup is thick, add salt and pepper to taste, turn to high heat to thicken, sprinkle with parsley and serve. “Ten miles of custom, hundred miles of wind.” The New Year’s Eve dinner is the most important family dinner of the year. Fish selection varies from place to place. However, eat less hairtail and carp, and eat less of the above four kinds of fish bones. The name of fresh meat also has auspicious meanings, so you might as well choose one to show your family at the New Year’s Eve dinner.



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