Game American Dad! Apocalypse Soon

Game American Dad! Apocalypse Soon
Publisher B.V.
Genre RPG
Size 157M
Latest Version 1.16.2
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Update February 28, 2021 (2 weeks ago)

Have you ever seen the cartoon American Dad! yet? This is a great American cartoon released by Fox. This is an extremely famous animation film and has received a lot of love from the audience. Now there is a game about this hit anime series. The American Dad! Apocalypse Soon game has the same name as the movie American Dad!. Produced by BV, this is a very well-known manufacturer with many famous games and applications. This game belongs to the RPG strategy genre which is always something that will make you brainstorm thinking which move is right. How to win? This has partially stimulated players in gaming. The game is still being prepared to be released to a large number of players around the world. The game’s animated film has received a lot of love from many viewers around the globe. So the game promises to bring players a great experience along with unique storylines. So what are you waiting for without downloading American Dad! Right now to join in the great story yet.

American Dad! Apocalypse Soon


On a clear day in the town of Langley Falls, it is still like any other normal day, everyone is having fun. Suddenly the sky was torn, the UFOs flew down, people still didn’t know what was going on. Suddenly, these UFOs began to destroy human facilities and began to shine a light on their faces to kidnap people. Stan’s family has been taken hostage by the Aliens. You will play the father of the whole family, Stan Smith, to build a base right in your basement to fight the Aliens. Make yourself an army of Roger and equip them with equipment to fight. They will turn your basement into a miniature military site of many rooms with different positions, such as a money room, research room, weapons room… With your army, you will become the only hope of humankind.

American Dad! Apocalypse Soon


The game is an RPG Strategy genre, so the gameplay of the game is a bit complicated and there is much to be done. But thanks to the dedicated guidance of the creative team, everything will be a lot simpler. Players must build their basement into a comfortable place to have your Roger army live and develop strength. Initially, the player can only unlock a few key basements to track events happening on the ground and to take refuge when an emergency occurs. But more and more players will unlock more rooms to develop advanced technology, create fake money … He will lead an army of Roger to fight the Aliens. Players will have to equip them with modern weapons created by themselves like Plasma guns … Players will receive the creative team tasks of the game. The fighting style of the game is built on the alternating fighting style. Players must arrange their roster so that it can be reasonable to win.

American Dad! Apocalypse Soon


American Dad! Will blow your mind with dozens of great features that the game brings to the player

Weapons & Costumes

There will be countless weapons ranging from melee weapons to ranged weapons, even magic weapons are recreated thanks to Roger’s intelligence. The melee weapons of the game are extremely diverse, from the trees of the panda, the Christmas tree to the medieval melee weapons like axes, swords … All are innovative looking very special and interesting. As for long-range weapons, they are equally diverse, from ancient weapons such as bows and arrows to today’s guns. There are even weapons from the future like Plasma guns, Laser guns … all of which are present in the game. Roger’s costumes are also very different, from the style of dress to watering weapons. Some of them were dressed like Gangsters, some were like a warrior from the Middle Ages.

PvE & PvP

PvE is a game mode that players must follow the storyline to perform the tasks set by the creative team, players will be able to explore the story of the game, with Mr. Stan Smith on the action. process of rescuing his family. In PvP mode, the player will lead his army to fight against others. Join your army of Roger to fight to prove yourself the best.

American Dad! Apocalypse Soon


American Dad! 2D graphics format, drawn in an animated style. Combined with the game’s plot, players will feel like they are watching an episode of the animated movie American Dad!. Effects in the game are also meticulously completed by the game’s creative team. You will not feel any lag of the game, all are very smooth and great. The sound of the game is not inferior and has contributed to the great game. Carefully integrated so that sound hears as vividly as possible. Download American Dad! now let’s join Mr. Stan’s family on the journey to save the earth.


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