Game Modern Strike Online

Game Modern Strike Online
Publisher Azur Interactive Games Limited
Genre Action
Size 505M
Latest Version 1.44.0 b395
MOD Info Unlimited Ammo
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OS Games Android

Counter-Strike is known as one of the most famous FPS shooting games. This game was first released on the Windows platform since 1999 when no smart devices appeared. Moreover, it is also a leading game in the FPS shooting genre and has become an endless source of ideas for later games such as Half-Life, CrossFire and another mobile game, Modern Strike Online. It can be said that Modern Strike Online inherits most of the features to the Counter-Strike graphic structure, allowing you to experience on mobile devices. In this article, we will learn about some of its main features and game modes.

A cooperative modern online war action shooter

Simply put, battles in Modern Strike Online take place between two teams: Black List (BL) and Global Risk (GR), players will be cast as members of one of the two teams and perform combat. on different battlefields. Depending on the game mode, the goals for winning will be different, maybe scoring, or deathmatch. However, the goal that each player aims to is to destroy many enemies, while supporting his teammates to fight more effectively.

Regarding the control mechanism, you will use your left hand to control the movement of the character with the virtual home button, used in combination with the functions of sitting, standing, hiding and shooting on the right side of the screen to drain kill the enemy.

Diverse game modes

  • Team Deathmatch: This is a mode to score by killing enemies between GR and BL. Every time you or your teammate kills an enemy, your team will get one score. The battle takes place within a specified period of time, until the time when the team has scored more score will win.
  • Deathmatch: This mode is similar to Team Deathmatch, however, you will have to fight all enemies alone to score, not your teammates. Until the battle is over, the player with the most scores wins the ACE GOLD title.
  • Team DM with a Bomb: Also known as bomb mode. In this mode, the GR team will try to place bombs in two areas based on the prescribed A or B. In it, BL team will have to try to remove the bomb to win. However, the battle may end sooner if a team is completely destroyed
    Duel: Also known as 1v1 PvP mode. In this mode, you can fight your friends or Auto-Matching with other players in the same system. However, practice improving your fighting ability before you’re really ready. Face to face with the enemy will be extremely stressful!
  • Special Operations: This mode is similar to Team Death Match. The battle will take place between BL and GR but no more scoring mechanisms. When the player is defeated will no longer be able to revive, so the team that survives to the end will win.

Collect more than 100 types of weapons

In shooting games like Modern Strike Online, you must not only have good fighting and shooting skills, but you must also have the best guns to increase your fighting ability. When you confront an enemy, someone’s gun that has higher damage and faster bullet speed will probably take advantage. Therefore, this game offers hundreds of guns to choose from, rifles, submachine guns, short guns, Machine guns, sniper rifles to handguns and melee weapons (melee)… The rifle stands out with very high firepower, but it has a quite large recoil, so it is only suitable for combat in the medium range. Submachine guns stand out with fast bullet speed, low recoil, but less firepower than rifles. The aiming gun is suitable for maps with rugged terrain and many hiding places. Because this type of gun does not shoot automatically, it must be fired one by one and the ability to load is quite long. However, only a single bullet can kill the enemy.

These guns are sold in the store, you can use the bonus to buy or receive rewards from the mission system. Some common and most stable guns are Ak-47, SKS, AKSU, Barret M82, UMP, AWM, SLR, DPM, Gatling Gun, HK21, L86 LSW, M16, M16A4, M231, QBZ, MK18 Mod0, …

Upgrade and equip

Besides possessing powerful guns, you can customize the gun and actually turn it into a killing machine. During the battle, you can get the silencer, the barrel of the shock absorber, the gun, the viewfinder, the expansion tape, the handle, … then you can equip your gun. Speed ​​of aiming, bullet speed, firepower, accuracy, … and all the gun attributes will be significantly increased. Thanks to that, your shooting ability will be more accurate.


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