Game Bad North

Game Bad North
Publisher Raw Fury Games
Genre Strategy
Latest Version Coming soon
Update February 20, 2019 (2 years ago)

Bad North is an Indie-style real-time strategy game (RTS), quite cute and friendly good. However, do not let the lovely textures and melodious songs fool you by the bad North gameplay is not as sweet as the graphics they show you. Do you believe that you need a little opening, that the enemy will take the opportunity and destroy everything you have? Yes, that’s all that happens in Bad North. If you want to get a deeper understanding of the content and playability of this game, please continue to follow the article.

The story

Bad North builds a context in Northern Europe when Viking’s revolt and devastate everywhere. Your kingdom is one of the targets aimed by Vikings, and it seems that everyone has been unable to escape the massacre. The prince and the princess of the kingdom were lucky to escape to the sea, and they cooked a strong will of vengeance. They started building bases on a small island. They recruit soldiers and build strong armies to fight against those cruel Vikings. But not long after, the Vikings discovered the prince and the princess. The young government they are building needs your help. Are you ready to help them develop the army and make plans to fight against the Vikings?

Real-time Strategy Game

Your mission to join Bad North is to stop the Vikings from invading their small island. Bad North has unique gameplay, a combination of real-time strategy, turn-based tactics and tower defense. You will build an army, control the military against the Viking armies who are entering the island in a calculated manner. Military forces in the game have some strength and combat skills. You will have to discover it to create dangerous battles, making enemies unable to overcome the defensive barriers you create. The only thing you need to worry about is to mobilize forces, to any position on the battlefield.

Bad North provides many units for you to unleash your ability to calculate tactics, from soldiers holding shields, spears, to archers and bomber capable of fighting from afar. This function makes the game more diverse, requiring players to invest and use the military properly so that their power is maximized.

Every time you win, the system will reward you with precious gold coins. You can use them to upgrade your army to make them stronger, or to raise the island’s defense to a higher level. The enhancement is quite significant because the longer you experience the game, the more difficult it will be for you to face. The enemy will become stronger and wiser. Therefore, you can lose the island at any time if there is a lack of tactics or weak defense.


Overall, Bad North is a fascinating strategy game, is highly regarded gameplay and graphics minimalist style. Although the gameplay mechanism is easy to understand, you will find it quite tricky to master it. The critical point that you need to grasp is to control the units smartly, strategize for each island’s terrain and finally use the upgrade feature to create a great battle. The mighty Viking army is challenging you, can you fight them?

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