Game Detective Gallo

Game Detective Gallo
Publisher Mixedbag Srl
Genre Adventure
Size 620MB
Latest Version 1.1
Update February 2, 2019 (2 years ago)

Detective Gallo – Around our lives, there are always incidents mysterious, skeptical and expecting an answer. So instead of sitting there and waiting for an answer, why don’t we just seek our answers? Develop your ability to guess the situation and your ability to observe subtly. Become a talented detective like Sherlock Holmes in his mysterious stories with the game Detective Gallo. This game has a puzzle style, like a strange adventure that you need to go through. Let’s find out what the experience of Detective Gallo is!

The story

Detective Gallois inspired by classic Disney animated films, revolving around the main character Gallo – a private detective, and mysterious cases that happen in a particular city. On a rainy night, police agents found five corpses. The event shocked many residents, creating fears, surrounding the city. This murder was determined by someone who had done it, and this number did not seem to have stopped. A billionaire, having witnessed so many such tragic incidents, is willing to pay the person who can solve this case half of his property. But it seems that no one is willing, only Gallo, an odd detective, with rules and practices that are considered unusual. Can Gallo answer before someone is murdered?

A comedy noir adventure

To be able to play this game well, you need to understand some of Gallo’s rules, the main character you control. First, avoid relationships, and always learn. Secondly, do not put faith in children, who always appear innocent and show trust and the final rule: expressing their full capacity, giving explanations in a way that facility, and be careful. Once you know these rules, you will use them to solve the puzzles that the game offers.

You will move everywhere to gather evidence, meet characters like victims, people with shady actions, running away, shady shopkeepers,… and many characters another. Each of them has unique personalities, which are described in writing by the system so that you can better understand them. Also, rely on this description to decide whether to trust the information they provide you.

Gallo Detective is a game with quite simple gameplay. You just need to select and click to make conversations with people and move to different locations. Even so, it is up to you to solve the puzzle. You need to remember the facts and link them together to find the final answer.

Listen to over 50 minutes of the original pure jazz-noir soundtrack!

Detective Gallo is a pretty unique game. The game is portrayed as a comic strip, built on a 2D graphics platform, by the designer drawing by hand, with a cartoonish style. Right now, take part in this game, play the role of Detective Gallo and decipher the mysteries from murder cases, arrest the perpetrators and bring peace to the city.

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