Game Big Company: Skytopia

Game Big Company: Skytopia
Publisher Goodgame Studios
Genre Simulation
Size 54M
Latest Version 2.11.3313
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OS Android Games

Today, with the advancement of science and technology, people are developing very rapidly and will soon explode in population. It is estimated that every year the population increases by hundreds of thousands, so people will soon have no place to live. Have you ever dreamed of a city in the sky? It may be difficult but Big Company: Skytopia – Sky City Simulation will make your dream come true. This is a simulation game by the publisher of Good game Studios, which fears your explosive population, disease, and poverty will be crushed immediately. What are you waiting for, the same points across the attractions of this game offline?

How to play

Come to Big Company: Skytopia | Sky City Simulation, players will be building their city in the sky full of dreams. Perhaps you are worried about your ability, but you will not have to work alone, the talented scientists will always be with you. What does a city need to maintain and continue to grow? It is food, goods, factories, and infrastructure. Initially, you will be offered a fairly unspoiled town along with specific materials. You need to embark on resource extraction and plant development to help people get jobs.

Then, build more housing to attract the population. You can also create models of commodity production and invest in markets, which will be profitable if you know the business strategy. Use the money to build more buildings such as trade centers, amusement parks and restaurants to satisfy the needs of the people, making them more fun. If you do not care about them, they will leave, and the city will not be able to develop without a source of labor. With the help of famous scientists such as Marie Curie or even Albert Einstein, you can apply their scientific achievements and make your city ever more evolved.


The general scene of the game is set on the clouds are pretty romantic. Primary colors are bright colors, bring the joy but no less true. With the top-down view, players can cover and manage their city more easily. Surely the player will enjoy the feeling of floating in the clouds, is watching when the bridge and the plane back and forth is impressive is not it.


The dream of a city in your sky has become a reality. Join this game and contribute your talents to this sky-based revolution, every challenge awaits you. Daily events and challenges are ongoing so that you can meet young entrepreneurs and famous scientists right in the game. So delay, please seize the opportunity immediately.

MOD: Coming soon

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