Game Z Day: Hearts of Heroes

Game Z Day: Hearts of Heroes
Publisher KingsGroup Holdings
Genre Action
Size 72M
Latest Version 1.1.0
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OS Android Games

War is always a matter of condemnation. After World War II, we lost so much of our wealth and humanity to this nonsense. Not only that, but it also left so many hurts and consequences for future generations, people with disabilities, people affected by poison, etc. Therefore, the subject of war is now Publishers are interested in, developed and received a lot of success. Today, I bring you one of the best products from KingsGroup Holdings: Z Day: Hearts of Heroes. This is a role-playing strategy game, has a compelling storyline and is being released for free on both Android and iOS platforms.


The story of Z Day: Hearts of Heroes is set in the movie World War Z by actor Brad Pitt. Although World War II ended many years ago, the defeated nations kept the feud and expected a day of revenge. They began to thrive in science and technology, producing war machines and mutating biological weapons. Unfortunately, a large explosion has occurred, causing many of the same species in the area to be affected by radioactive materials. Humans are transformed into fierce zombies; the creatures are so big and aggressive that the world is in turmoil. Now you have to lead your troops to fight these dangers, to restore the new world order with your leadership skills.

Hold your head high and brave fight

Perhaps the player can imagine what he needs to do in this game: building and developing the army, building weapons and war machines to bring peace to the world. Initially, the area where the player was provided was only a ruined beach, once devastated by the war. Players need to build weapons factories, and military camps to get the most solid military. Once you have enough potential, start your military talent and take the army to destroy the huge mammals in the forest with the impressive army of zombies. Each time the player wins, more resources will be given to the player!


Z Day: Hearts of Heroes MOD not only have cool features and gameplay, but graphical backgrounds are also extremely realistic. Players will be brought to a vast world where there are castles, war machines and scary enemies to start developing their own empire. Regarding strategy and graphics, Z Day: Hearts of Heroes is no less than Clash Royale, one of the hottest games ever. So wait and do not download this game right to your phone!

MOD: Coming soon

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