Game Bike Stunts – Extreme

Game Bike Stunts – Extreme
Publisher Million games
Genre Racing
Size 49M
Latest Version 1.2
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OS Android Games

Every human being has his own interests and interests. People like reading books, people who like to listen to the radio, people who like to play sports or especially adventure racing. I am also a risk lover, since childhood, I often organize car races with my friends. Although the injuries caused me to bleed and hurt, not so I gave up, because I was pursuing my passion. Do you like racing? If you are afraid of pain then experience them on the phone with Bike Stunts – Extreme game. This game was released by Million games company – a company specializing in adventure and adventure racing.

Coming to Bike Stunts – Extreme, you will be an excellent motorbike racer. Unlike Asphalt 8 or other racing games, you will be able to control your character in a more direct perspective, giving you an overview and easy control of your vehicle. Your main task in this game is to finish the race that the game offers the best.

The game has two modes, challenging mode and racing mode along with many other players. In challenging mode, you will have to overcome many complicated terrains, with many pitfalls in a given time. This mode requires you to be able to drive well and maintain speed throughout the ride. As for the multiplayer racing mode, you will be forced on first. Although quite strict but very attractive. The reason is that you are confronted with other talented players that you can learn a lot from them.

On the control mechanism, the screen interface will consist of four main buttons. On the left side of the screen are two buttons to move forward or backward, while the left two buttons to balance the car forward or back. The skills in this game are essential, helping you show your driving skills, and dealing with the most challenging situations. The terrain in the game is quite complex; you will have to go through the fragile planks, sandy deserts or even vertical slopes, which contain many dangerous traps. If you need a bit of a hint, you may have an accident, and you have to play again. If you are not used to it, try to practice the ability to control your car more.

Bike Stunts – Extreme is a popular multiplayer game. Not only is the game fun, the game also owns extremely beautiful maps. You will be traveling through the desert, the sea or even the ancient pyramids. Feel free to join in this game and experience new adventures. If you are a sports car enthusiast or want to conquer the game’s difficulty, then Stunts – Extreme is a great choice for entertainment.

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