Game Brake To Die

Game Brake To Die
Publisher Kiary games
Genre Racing
Size 94MB
Latest Version 0.74.7
MOD Info money
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Update July 22, 2018 (3 years ago)

You are too boring with regular racing games, and you are looking for a real racing car with dramatic rolling wheel moments. It is time to reap the usual familiar racing paths. Come to Brake To Die to frantically spin the wheel, extending the way you race against real traffic. Let’s start with the thrill in you and the Brake To Die race! Want to race in a real race? You love speed, and that is the passion that has been in you long time? Introducing Brake To Die.

The game gives you the opportunity to control your car; you control the speed and the road. But if that’s not the case, then it’s not worth talking about. There is a bomb in the car. Not only racing, but you also have to make sure you pass as many opponents as possible, the longer the race, the better, and that the bomb will not explode on your car. To become a champion, the team must destroy the race cars of other competitors, extending the view of the road to make the race more spacious. Do all of them and get yourself a reward and a good coin!

The new style racing game?

Brake To Die APK is just ugly and avoids obstacles (or if you try to do it: it’s a collision with rival vehicles and trees, the scenery on both sides of the road). The vehicle control design consists of two states: one is to push the car forward in the right direction. Second is left to drive to the left. That’s all. All you need to do is determine exactly which party is left, right and then enjoy the fun that the Brake To Die race gives you.

Brake To Die is a simple racing game that does not make you feel boring. The reason is that it owns a lot of new features and not worry too much about the previous racing games, such as:

  • Select a race car of 50 cars with different colours and shapes.
  • Fixed speed and absolutely no braking system or brake slowly
  • Wreak mayhem are exciting things you will meet on the track, this is another exciting thing of Brake To Die it.
  • Direction to adjust as you like: from the top down, from the sides to …
  • Complete the task attached
  • And the way is to win the final with all the ingenuity!

Simple graphic cubes

Low graphics. But still, it’s enough to feel the specialness of Brake To Die (Unreleased) as it compensates for its versatile system and sound that simulates the atmosphere of a standard Formula 1 race. There is no reason to deny a game that still meets the need for fun because of its graphics.

Sum up

Brake To Die MOD APK is just a beta version but peace of mind, there are not too many problems. Please note to update on Friday every week. And now, no more waiting, loading Brake To Die (Unreleased) and winding the track in the sense of speed is the only thing you can feel. Drive your car, race on your private road, and win the championship as you deserve with your efforts.

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