Game Bricks Breaker Puzzle

Game Bricks Breaker Puzzle
Publisher mobirix
Genre Logic
Size 30M
Latest Version 1.30
MOD Info money
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Update July 25, 2018 (3 years ago)

Are you a simple person and can be addicted to the simplest games? Do you like the classic puzzle game? Want to have more experience and start a new “addiction” with a new game looks old regarding genre but not old? If the answer is Yes – Yes – and Yes, there is no reason to reject Bricks Breaker Puzzle. Take a look and see what mobirix has done for gamers like you.

Simple, interesting gameplay

  • The numbered tiles will be the first thing you see when you start the game
  • Adjust the direction of the ball is placed in the bottom bar before ready to lift the ball out.
  • Each time the ball touches the tile, the number on the brick will gradually decrease corresponding to the impact with the ball
  • When the number on the block is 0, the durability is no longer. Then the block will be destroyed and disappear
  • Try to break all the blocks before they let them down and hit bottom.

Other function

Mobirix’s Bricks Breaker Puzzle is probably not a breakthrough before; there are a dozen games called Brick Breaker. However, it is not that Bricks Breaker Puzzle is worth mentioning, above all, it also has its unique features that are not the same as any Brick Breaker version. Let’s take a look at some of the unique features of this lovely game:

  • The game is offline, just click download, then play hard even without turning on network data or wifi
  • Simple, easy-to-understand gameplay, but also easy to add to because of that simplicity
  • Do not split the table, so you will be able to play continuously until the 11-cell brick system reaches the bottom of the screen.
  • No over-configuration required for your mobile/tablet
  • Have a ranking system with the entire player system around the world, so you have the chance to save your achievements…


Do you like dark blue on a black background or do you want blue bricks on a white background? You can choose the style you want when it comes to the Bricks Breaker Puzzle of mobirix. With a simple, easy-to-see picture, the system image of overlapping bricks on a matching background with the ball path makes it easy to keep track of what happens during the game so that you can do the outstanding achievement. Along with that, the sound is full of fun, exciting with the highlight is the shock of the ball with tiles are simulated very lovely.

Sum up

Another Bricks Breaker Puzzle MOD game was produced by mobirix but still created a familiar feel. If you are wondering why there are so many Bricks Breaker games out there, mobirix is ​​still confident to release Bricks Breaker Puzzle; please say “there must be some special”, or at least is the identity is not going anywhere. If you’re still confused about whether Bricks Breaker Puzzle is the right choice for you, then there is no problem. Simply think that this is a good game because it’s familiar but not blurry or mixed up with previous “scammers”, either because of simplicity in both gameplay and animation, and It is appealing enough to convince any gamer who loves simplicity. Download Bricks Breaker Puzzle MOD APK and contemplate what I just said.

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