Game Survival: Heroes Canyon APK – MOBA vs Survival?

Game Survival: Heroes Canyon APK – MOBA vs Survival?
Publisher Snail Games USA Inc
Genre MOBA, Survival
Size 326MB
Latest Version 1.0.2
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Update July 27, 2018 (3 years ago)

As we all know, the success of the Arena of Valor has brought the MOBA category on the move to a new level. And PUBG Mobile is also the most sought-after name in recent times. Combining two types of MOBA and survival, Snail Games recently released its new game in China, called Survival Heroes Canyon. This is a mobile game that combines both MOBA genres and durability, whether this game can make a big hit, read through our demo below and download this game. Your phone.

New, exciting gameplay

The game brings a whole new and exciting experience. When you open the game, you will be entering a mortal arena, looking through the map of the game, we can relate to the famous MOBA such as the League of Legends, DOTA 2 … Even Forests are also arranged in a very coincidental way. However, different points will be shown later. You will not have to stand with anyone in this game because this is a battle arena, there will be no teammates, no friends, no one can help you. Use the skills you have to defeat all the enemies that are present on this battlefield. Be the last survivor; you will be the winner.


As a MOBA game, Survival: Heroes Canyon also offers players a wide variety of characters, divided into basic classes such as gladiators, assassins, archers, and supporters. are balanced, almost no strong general, all have distinct weaknesses. This is the key you can take down other players quickly. By holding down the failings of the characters, they are controlling, using the correct techniques, you can close and knock down enemies quickly.

Big map

In keeping with the survival genre, the map of the game has been expanded to a whole lot more than any other MOBA game, and you will need to explore the entire day to get to know every corner of the battlefield. Before looking for other opponents to destroy, please pay attention to the forest before to increase the experience, level. Earn big money to buy the necessary equipment, ready for the massacre in front.


It can not be denied that Arena of Valor and Vainglory are the best MOBA games on mobile. Survival: Heroes Canyon is a follower, also released by significant game makers from China, but it can not be compared to Vainglory. Everything we can say with the phrase “acceptable”. Even though there is a glossy 3D graphic, it’s just average, maybe because of my hard work. But the graphics that the game brought me thought were not convincing enough. It will remain beautiful, still as smooth as other games, but it does not make a breakthrough. Even, the design style is somewhat old.

Language barriers

The new game is only released in the Chinese market, so it just supports only one language. If you are looking for a more comfortable experience, then perhaps you need to wait sometime, as Snail Games has not announced the official time to release the game outside of the world. However, I have tried, not knowing the Chinese language is not a significant obstacle, the most important is still your skills.

Sum up

Survival: Heroes Canyon APK is a new style game, bringing a unique experience to the user. However, it does not upgrade much regarding the image. If you are a MOBA genre and survive, you can try out this game. Leave a comment below to rate this game with me.

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