Game City Island 3

Game City Island 3
Publisher Sparkling Society
Genre Simulation
Size 50M
Latest Version 3.3.0
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update February 17, 2021 (4 weeks ago)

Construction simulation games are the most entertaining games for those looking for relaxation and management experience. Players often want to build something they want, self-manage, operate, and distribute everything their citizen demands. Everyone wants to have an experience of being respected, so they’ll head towards games that can give them the highest power. If you want to self-manage a city of your dreams, then City Island 3 will be the option for you.

City Island 3


Compared to other construction simulation games, players will have to build their city on abandoned islands, develop civilization, improve lives, and build loads of giant houses. City Island 3 will assign the player as a mayor, whose mission is to develop and expand the island to all their abilities. The game has a diverse and attractive construction mechanism, even comes with a management system for users to have the most authentic experience. Of course, players can extend their control to other islands, even with its characteristics of the area, climate, and weather type. The player’s creativity can be used effectively in this game, and they can freely build their dream cites.

City Island 3


A city that cannot function effectively if its citizens disagree with the player’s behavior. And the first step that players need to take is to provide accommodation, electricity, water, and food. The building system will have hundreds of different buildings with specific uses, and players can use the filters to choose the architectures with the necessary functionality. As the city grows, the demand of the people will increase, and players must expand the size of the city by leveling up. As you level up, the game will unlock new buildings or others, and the quest system will expand to give you something to entertain.

City Island 3

Besides buildings that provide a living need for residents, you need to have buildings that generate revenue. Examples are business buildings, which have a rich source of income. Of course, you can collect revenue from households, as they have to work and pay taxes for the city. Like that, you can grow the city with the available resources and expand the service system to satisfy everyone.


The construction mechanism of this game is simple, even user-friendly so that you can easily build a dream city. You can freely build roads, parks, architecture, walkways, and more through the system. Even giant constructions can be arbitrarily customized, changed the direction of view, and more. Even you can freely organize the city with this simple system.

City Island 3


The player’s main source of income is from the city, but they can generate more income by completing missions and unlocking achievements. Through that system, players will have more knowledge about the game and have a more effective way of managing, easily developing the city quickly. The mission system is varied and rich, and even many missions can span multiple stages with huge rewards. Besides the mission system, there are also achievements, a milestone to record the player’s achievements in the game.

City Island 3


The game has a name that easily shows the entire nature of the gameplay within it, cities built on islands. The developer knows that the player gets bored if there is only one island and causes them to expand it continuously. Therefore, players can unlock new islands, with many attractive services to please the people. The unique thing is that each island will have its characteristics, such as weather, climate, and environment. Because of that, their architectural design will change significantly, and players can easily move between each island thanks to special vehicles.

City Island 3


City Island 3 will adopt a new generation of the graphics engine, with the function of building 3D environments and weather, making the player’s city come alive. The visual effects are also eye-catching and impressive, showing the atmosphere of each island to the player. With great graphics and realistic effects, players will have a memorable experience while building their dream city.

City Island 3

Most construction simulation games have similar gameplay, but each game has characteristics that make them completely different. If you are looking for a new experience with construction simulation or management genre, City Island 3 will be a perfect choice. It features endless gameplay, impressive graphics, and a varied quest system, ensuring you will always be entertained anytime, anywhere with this game.


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