Game Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble

Game Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble
Publisher Level Eight AB
Genre Action
Size 70M
Latest Version b416895
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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OS Android Games

Robbery is an evil job and is condemned by the whole society. But surely all of us want to be a thief of righteousness like Robin Hood, a super thief like Kaito Kid. If you want to try the experience of becoming a thief, download Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble now to experience it. This robbery simulating game is the second installment of the one-time suspenseful simulation game Robbery Bob. When playing this amazing game, you will play the role of a thief. Your task is to complete each level by sneaking into the houses to loot and avoid the pitfalls and guardians.

The experience of being a thief in the third-person perspective

Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble is a third-person simulation game. At this game, you will play as Bob – who was dubbed the true king of thieves. Your task in each level is to sneak around the neighborhood of past patrolling pensioners, then sneak in and plunder as much lute as possible. But things will not be so easy because, in his robbery, Bob will face dangers such as security guards, cunning traps, etc.

The improvement is remarkable compared to the old version

In part one of Robbery Bob, the display screen and in-game screen system of the game is somewhat simple and easy. However, in part two of this amazing game, both of the above are much improved. The screen display of Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble includes old features such as character movement controls, a pocket icon displaying the number of loot items. In addition to the old features, the game also possesses new features such as skills functions (with unique skills such as speed boosting, cracking, etc.), a clock icon displaying the time, or a security guards icon displayed. Shows the number of obstacles you have overcome.

This robbery simulating game has expanded the challenges to more than 100 levels. This is the number of levels far superior to the first part of the game. The attraction and fun of levels have also been increased many times. Now you will have to think about whether to visit Shamville or Seagull Bay to loot and what items you should steal: camera, guitar, or wallet? The graphics of the game have also been greatly improved. In part one, the graphics of the game are quite simple. All of it just have simple monochromatic colors, no very tiny details. However, in this amazing game, the manufacturer has focused more on the graphics. You can see the wood grain under the floor, tree shadows, clouds, footprints, etc. The graphics of the game has become much more realistic.

Music and sound effects

The music and sound effects of the game are also much improved. The background music of the game with a playful melody and creepy gives you both excitement and fear. The music of the game will immerse you in more than 100 fascinating tasks of the game. The sound effects are also much more diverse from sneak-in effects, successful raid effects, and other actions like being spotted, chased by security guards and troublesome dogs, etc.

Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble is also regularly updated by the developer of the game’s events. The most recent is the Halloween event: Trick or Treat? Or special missions that are bringing in the game on special occasions. There are many exciting and exciting rewards waiting for you in these special events. Make sure not to miss out on these unique experiences.

With the slogan “Get in, grab the loot, get outta there, Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble is a simulation game for those who want to play the role of a thief. The game is just designed for kids. The story of the game doesn’t inspire everyone to becomes a thief; just funny occurs. It’s really one of the best simulating games ever existed. The game has been on a lot of loyal fans all over the world. And maybe many new parts of the game will be released in the future. Check it out on Google Play to download and play.


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