Game Code: Z (Left 4 Dead)

Game Code: Z (Left 4 Dead)
Publisher China
Genre Survival
Size 400MB
Latest Version 1.11.14
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Update September 14, 2019 (1 year ago)

Code: Z (Left 4 Dead Mobile) – The survival game inspired by the genre of zombies always make an exciting trend for gamers. The life of a creature other than humans is the highlight of curiosity seeking to be discovered about mysteries. Although this is not a new topic, the products of this topic are still enough to attract players without showing signs of decline. Recently, a Chinese game developer – Day Tour has launched a product for this topic. Code: Z. Although not recently released, thanks to the completeness of the game that the feedback and evaluation from the good gamers proved the position of the game. Coming to Code: Z, the world of doomsday, the day of zombies invading the whole earth is the prospect in the eyes of the player. So how hot of the game, let’s go through some of the key features.


In the face of the horrific outbreak of zombies, the world is gradually being invaded by the creature. Humans are also followed by the spread of disease and increasingly corrupt. Players will carry in their mission a warrior stand up to defend the world. Code: Z is quite similar to many other survival games, players can work in teams or individuals to destroy the zombies. The battle for zombies is actually the survival of the players. Because if the zombies bite, the character in the game may turn into zombies after a short time and the game ends. Besides, the power of the real zombies makes up the myth of the game. Just a little negativity, the player is completely knocked down. Zombies are more likely to help them hunt for humans, and we only have weapons to kill.

In the game’s topography, there will be plenty of great support items. Many weapons are left over from the zombies, if better than the current ones, replace them and use them to increase the damage potential. Some items also can heal bites of zombies, if ever before, finding this item is very necessary. Terrain possesses not only many useful tools but also extraneous elements that significantly influence the outcome of the game. It is possible that during the move, players will encounter weather phenomena, low brightness,… is an excellent opportunity for zombies raging. So players need to accumulate support tools before the scene becomes difficult. The task in the game is not easy, the same rules increase the difficulty for the game, making this life more intense and dramatic.


The 3D style of CODE: Z actually highlights its theme. Create a space full of real and lively, the player’s experience will be enhanced. Scenes and topics in the game are described in dark colors, pale, creating wild, scary for every detail. Smooth, realistic animation effects increase the horror of the game. And sound effects also contribute to this horror. The console is simple, easy to use, quite similar to many current Battle Arena games. Therefore, the experience space will not encroach more, but the control is simple, straightforward.


A survival title like Code: Z is really worth a try if you are a loyal fan of the zombies – horror genre. Indeed, a space for the perspective of the fiction future on earth will be shown before your eyes. Although the game is developed by the Chinese market, it still supports English, so it does not have to be too much about the experience.

How to install?
Use the XAPK Installer to install them .XAPK file
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