Game Eternal City

Game Eternal City
Publisher X.D. Global
Genre RPG
Size 2GB
Latest Version 1.32.40
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Update September 14, 2019 (1 year ago)

Anime movies have always been a source of abundant ideas for Japanese game developers. It can be said that these two entertainment industries develop in parallel with each other and create a reliable brand. The game on anime themes is extremely much, there are games that get ideas directly from accessible content, but some don’t. Eternal City is a brand new product, still in the process of pre-registration with content similar to an Anime series, but it’s utterly self-created by XD Global.

You can see that Eternal City is quite similar in content to the current favorite movies. Players will be taken to the world of heroes where everyone has their own special abilities, and they fight to fight evil. The setting of the game is set in a beautiful and romantic seaside city. People here live in peace and happiness, but one day it was destroyed by ‘Black Gate.’ It was a space crack that led monsters from other worlds into the city. A fog covered everything and made it one of the darkest areas in the world.

A real-time battle RPG, many heroes, and different plot

Monsters appear, there will inevitably be heroes to fight them and indeed the weapons of the great given some power. They use them to fight monsters that spill out from ‘Black Gate’ and temporarily keep them safe. But the final challenge will be to destroy the ghostly gate. People call those heroes with special abilities “Wielders.” I can be summoned into a team at the ‘Central Department’ to rise to the Xenos World and fight for their destiny!

But after the heroes gathered together and participated in several battles, they began to realize some strange things. Your fighting story is not merely about defeating monsters and destroying ‘Black Gate.’ A 7-day countdown event will take place and make this world impossible as before. As a hero, you will have to prevent that event from becoming true.

Eternal City will operate in the style of a real-time battle RPG game. This means that players will control a lot of Heroes and take part in exciting battles where they will face terrible monsters. The game is designed with a special 2.5D graphics, as the player will still control moving and fighting characters flexibly in a fixed map. In general, it doesn’t affect your game experience too much.

Talking about the hero system, the game will bring with one of the most charismatic armies. The characters you can summon will be divided according to their quality levels. The S-class hero will be hidden inside. Things that are more powerful than the C-class heroes are many. Besides, each character class will be differentiated from each other thanks to the star system, the more stars, the stronger the star character. In addition, their power is determined by special weapons. In general, just choose a character that has just enough power, and their weapons to use following your fighting style is okay.

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