Game Deadly Convoy
Genre Action
Size 88M
Latest Version 1.0.1
MOD Info weak enemy
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Update September 17, 2019 (1 year ago)

There are many different strategy games available today. HIKER GAMES has combined both shooting and zombies to create a blockbuster for this year called Deadly Convoy. The game is popular with the community and received positive feedback. Let’s take a look at the creative points in this game.

In 2048, a zombie epidemic spread rapidly, and humanity was threatened with life, including you. Nothing but zombies, people are really depressed and weak to fight. A group of survivor heroes is currently leading the nomadic life in, commanding vehicles to battle with bloodthirsty enemies. Relieve the people who are trapped and overcome the infection of everyone you meet along the way. Step into the virtual world of Deadly Convoy; you will do the task of guiding your final convoy in the right direction to target the savage undead. Earth has been destroyed by zombies and humanity is suffering, save them! You can choose to either choose to protect your Earth, or you will be left to die in the fallout. The game offers all the weapons and vehicles that the war left. You have to build a secret base and use the perfect strategy to wipe out the zombies, dead people … and the pets. The zombies are horrible monstrous monsters; they devastate everything they go through. There are zombie monsters like the Boomer, Tank, …

Endless battles with zombies

Let’s harness the power of a variety of war weapons. Destroy the places where the enemy hides. The fate of the Earth and the survivors are in your hands; this fight has never been more difficult. Use fair tactics to win more easily. Bring the survivors to the camp with a group of mobile cars and trucks. For the first time, the player can experience the life of the nomads – those who frequently have to move to avoid being cornered by the enemy. In addition to the war weapons, you also have the opportunity to command multiple heavy combat vehicles in the battle. Crush the zombies with steel dogs or stop them from killing zombies. The game offers you the considerable weapon arsenal of weapons and terrible character systems. During your journey, you will encounter new weapons, grab them and craft for better use. Use the trophies collected from the battle to advance the safe area. Collected things play an important role in stabilizing nomadic life. Provide more food for the survivors. The zombies will stalk to attack your car, be careful and use it to create huge traps.

You must try to survive until your mission is complete. You also have the opportunity to go to strange places, discover the truth about the origin of the apocalypse. The journey will be long and harsh. What you sacrifice will be done for the goal to be achieved. Find keys on the way to find out how to cure the virus. Come back and bring glory back to Earth. Game updates rankings continuously should you try to win glory.


3D graphics with dark colors bring a sense of horror. Sound and other details in the game are also adjusted to match the nature of the game. Deadly Convoy is entirely free to download and play. However, if you want to upgrade or own some game items can also buy with real money. Due to some killings and deaths, you must be at least 16 years old to play or download Deadly Convoy. Please consider before installation and experience offline.