Game Deadrite Hunt
Publisher OneTonGames
Genre Action
Size 190M
Latest Version 0.3.2
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Update August 9, 2020 (7 months ago)

People have imagined a lot of things that can make them fall into danger, even is extinct. We have been able to witness a lot of natural disasters, Revelations, or Zombie pandemics, … Everything is so familiar in the media such as cinema. and games. You can use these keywords to find many different products that serve your interests. But have you ever heard of “The Realm of Nightmare”? It is actually one of the most horrible places you can imagine when you think of people being threatened by a disaster. Basically, the painter’s eyes can be prevented, but the fears that come from nightmares are too hard to resist. Deadrite Hunt will take players to one of the horror-oriented games that are being noticed by many people today. It really is a nightmare mixed with voyeuristic action situations that give players an extremely interesting and trendy experience.

The Realm of Nightmare

In essence, it will be an online multiplayer horror game with a combination of various elements to attract players in many classes. First, you will be fascinated by a story with content completely different from the prevailing products. Because of this breakthrough feature, it has attracted the attention of many veteran gamers as well as newcomers. The present world has been destroyed and invaded by the creatures from another reality. They carry the kind of power that comes from human fear so it can make the smartest species on earth lose easily. However, they are not weak varieties, people immediately find a way to fight these creatures.

They countered and regained things that should have belonged to them. “The Realm of Nightmare” is connected to the earth by potions opened by the dark lord to dispatch huge servants to conquer Earth! That means you will not be able to destroy the opponent, can only temporarily make them unable to attack and push them back to where they were born. Eventually, you will have to have a way to close these portals and make the monsters unable to return to Earth.

Choose your way and good hunt!

When you join the game, you play the role of Deadrite Hunters, a person in fact. However, you have been equipped with many of the most advanced weapons to be able to deal with enemies with unimaginable power. However, this really does not bring you absolute security because they always have a way to exploit human weaknesses by hitting their fears. They are the most elite creatures from the Land of Nightmares. You never lose your calm.
In the latest version of the game, players will receive many different challenges. In addition, you also get different utilities to be able to confront an increasingly strong enemy. Totems and Cages have increased their blood. This will make you more struggling to destroy the opponent.

In addition, the current monster has gained a little more power to be able to react to the enemy. They will be allowed to observe which totem is attacked by hunters. By having to deal with four different players alone, this is really a useful update. Auto Attack will be added so that players can be more comfortable in attacking the opponent. Because in your free time, you can think of more clever tactics and directions, rather than spending too much time doing a nonsense goal. Also, there will be a lot of power boosts through indicators such as damage, movement speed, and some translation issues.

The basic play of the game is actually to bring a completely different journey from the products that are popular at the present time. When you start looking for a game to participate in, you will have to be mentally prepared to play different roles in the game. The game will have 5 people participating in a map in which four people are Hunters and one person plays the monster. Both sides will seek to destroy the enemy. Hunters are fast and have a lot of tactical customization, Monster is powerful, hard to kill and possesses tools that make you afraid. The condition for victory on both sides is different, Hunters must destroy all totems, Monster must kill all Hunters and prevent them from destroying totems – which gives strength and power.