Game Dino Factory

Game Dino Factory
Publisher Oh BiBi
Genre Simulation
Size 61M
Latest Version 1.4.1
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Get it On Google Play
Update September 3, 2020 (6 months ago)

What will it be like to get rich by hatching, creating, and selling dinosaurs by your own design? No one will know that feeling without trying to experience Dino Factory, a new mobile game about dinosaur farming by Oh Bibi. Here, you will play as the CEO of the most famous dinosaur business. Your job is to grow that business by incubating, unlocking and examining new creatures, and managing your team of scientists. This will help you improve your reputation as well as your factory, and develop a variety of dinosaur-themed businesses designed to keep your customers happy. And since social features are often an important part of the game, this game allows you to recruit your friends to help you run your business. So what are you waiting for without trying to explore this interesting job!

Produce more dinosaurs on a consistent basis

Since the production starts going so fast you might need to do it very early in the game and spend a lot of time logging in to make sure everything is the same as you want. But as dinosaur production slowly slows down as you move forward, you will have to make sure to always create new dinosaurs and keep your production line full. If you can do this, you could theoretically create dinosaurs right after selling them, allowing you to keep making money. All for the sake of your company.

Your dinosaurs can make more money

If you’ve heard the phrase cash cow, but what about some cash dinos? Definitely, since the dinosaurs in Dino Factory will earn you money and once they’ve been created and ready to parade in the yard, you’ll have to touch them multiple times and buy upgrades. Make sure you are purchasing all applicable upgrades for each celebration so you can maximize the process. Then, increase the price as well as notice how long it takes to sell that dinosaur. Usually, the dinosaurs can be sold for about 10 minutes to bring you a small profit. But if you’re willing to keep waiting until they take about 20 to 30 minutes to sell, then you can make more money. Because of that, they usually increase their prices as much as possible, after you get back in the game a few hours later and see how much you’ve made.

Don’t neglect your employees

Remember Dino Factory is where you can manage your employees or scientists, but is it like you manage dinosaurs? For sure, you should not underestimate your employees because they are believed to be more important than the dinosaurs themselves. After all, they create your dinosaurs and you won’t be able to have any dinosaurs in the factory if you don’t have anyone working in it. Initially, you will only have the lowest-level employees you want, who are inherently basic employees and stocks do not benefit in the workplace. But if you feed them donuts, they’ll keep working for you and you can also level them up to improve performance. Once done, you will have any additional support items that you can pick up throughout the game. These power boosters tend to provide random effects.

Upgrading your dinos

Leveling up your employees is obvious but dinosaurs also have to be leveled up, for free or with premium money. Obviously the free method won’t cost you any in-game currency and it’s also the most fun way to level up. Just create the number of dinosaurs you require, dinosaurs will level up. Go to your collection, click on the dinosaurs you plan to upgrade, and get it from there. You can also upgrade with your premium currency, but it’s harder to earn. It’s best to save that money to upgrade your employees.

Play with friends

The social features in Dino Factory are optional, so you can play by yourself while enjoying good progress. But if you want to enjoy better progress then you should definitely join the social network and connect your game with Facebook to have more friends. What is better than joining your friends to participate in fascinating dinosaur racing competitions. Have as many friends in the game as possible because it allows you to receive and send gifts to each other. Besides, you can hire them to work at the factory for you and they can do many other things. Dino Factory is an interesting game so that you can learn how to run and develop a dinosaur company. It will certainly bring you more entertainment than ever.


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