Game Downtown Gangstaz
Genre Strategy
Size 125M
Latest Version 0.3.25
MOD Info Drop Troops Anywhere
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Update April 26, 2020 (11 months ago)

Downtown Gangstaz is a sandbox game that simulates gangster activities. In this game, players not only explore a large city but also experience a real Gangster life.


At the beginning of the game, the player becomes a gang member. The task of the player is to obey the orders of superiors and build their reputation. Players will continuously participate in the illegal missions and looting of other gangs. Even players can run several small businesses to ensure revenue for themselves. The money earned from these businesses will be used to maintain the gang or to strengthen the gang that is led by the player.

This game is designed with a real-time fighting style. Players will control small Gangster groups and move around to destroy the other gangs. First, the player needs to identify the area where the attack will begin, then build a squad of powerful leaders to lead the entire gang. The final preparation is meticulous planning and tactics and then attack. After attacking the territory of another gang, the player will rob a part of the property and take control of the occupied area.


Players not only expand the territory of the gang but also have to guard against raids from other gangs. On the map, the areas occupied by players will be marked with different colors. Whenever the territory under the control of a player is attacked, it will immediately alert, and the player needs to take action fast. If the player fails to mobilize its members, the area will be re-occupied by other gangs, and part of their property will be lost.


Players can enhance the power of leaders by upgrading them. To upgrade, players need to collect a sufficient number of cards compatible with them. After upgrading, the leaders will improve their strength and unlock some passive skills that can interact with the remaining members.


The primary revenue source of the player will be the central areas of the city. These areas are extremely developed and continuously bring tremendous wealth to players. Each day, they always have a small bonus, and if the player completes the challenges of this bonus, they will receive an enormous reward.

MOD Info?

You can drop troops anywhere you want even in that area where you cannot.