Game Farming Simulator 16
Publisher GIANTS Software
Genre Simulation
Size 140M
Latest Version
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update April 20, 2020 (11 months ago)

Big cities are the promised land of many people, which is where there are many opportunities to make money. But this is a bustling place, and not everyone likes the unpleasant and blocking feeling of the city. Many people are willing to leave everything they have in the city to return to the countryside and enjoy a peaceful life. But this is something that not everyone can do because it will require a lot of things to be able to get the life you want. If you can’t do it in the real world, why not come to the gaming world? Players come to the game Farming Simulator 16 to experience life in the countryside is like. The game will give players a lot of exciting things and give players an overview of the countryside for players to explore.

Become a farmer

When you come to the game, the player will no longer be a celebrity or a superhero at all, but just an ordinary farmer. Players will live the life of a real farmer and own a farm to work. This is what the game did well; it succeeded in portraying a farmer’s life to put in the game. Players will work hard to earn money and start building their farms to grow more and more. This is the player’s task when it comes to the game, so work hard like a real farmer to earn money.

Actual gameplay

Farming games are not a new thing on the market, but this game has a lot of differences compared to other games. The most obvious difference is about the reality of the game; the game’s gameplay is no different from the work of an ordinary farmer. Players will have to get up early, go to their farm, plant seeds, harvest, and sell the crop to earn money. All the work of an ordinary farmer will be in the game for players to experience. The first is that the player will have to start with plowing his parcel of land to become more fertile and suitable for sowing. Players will buy seeds at the store to sow seeds on their property. Players can also use the seeds of the previous crop to plant and get ready for the next harvesting. Finish sowing seeds, the player will have to take care and fertilize them for them to grow normally. Eventually, the player will harvest and sell them to the factory to profit from agricultural products.

Diverse machine support

The player can not do all these tasks manually, so the tools used to support are indispensable. So in the game, there will be a lot of modern machines inspired by reality to bring into the game. The modern means that the game has to support players such as Harvester, Tractor, Cotton Technology.

Hire employees

Once the player has owned a large farm, the player can not do all the work alone. You should use the money you earn to lose to the employee and increase your productivity.