Game Eisenhorn: XENOS

Game Eisenhorn: XENOS
Publisher Pixel Hero Games
Genre Action
Size 2.7G
Latest Version 1.0
Update January 26, 2021 (2 months ago)

Fighting with guns would be a formidable challenge for everyone. It is also the passion of many people who want to overcome it. With that, the fighting will take the player to become a professional soldier from how to destroy the enemy, to form a creative mindset to continue defeating the enemy. Today, we’re going to present you with a game that bears the same trend of fighting. Eisenhorn: XENOS is a game known for its suspense and suspense. It was bringing the player to become a heavy warrior. Create ways to play with yourself as the main character. Take action to fight hard right away. And let’s explore the specialties in this set of games.


That’s why this game is so popular with young people. Set from the main character of the movie, Eisenhorn. The story is about a hostile force that is about to invade this earth. And to save the world, the hero appeared. A character is considered an influential person with extraordinary strength, muscular body but extremely cool. A heroic, deep voice, Eisenhorn is a protagonist of goodness and protects this world from becoming more peaceful.

Along with that are potent enemies, but unfortunately for them, our main character is really talented. When you beat all the battles to bring glory, a character is considered a superhero and leaves an impression on viewers. The character’s mission is critical, along with many other fascinating details. The story left a lot of special appearances in the hearts of the audience. And especially when this movie appeared in the game with the familiar name that is Eisenhorn: XENOS.


We have created a variety of styles so that the characters truly resemble those of this classic movie. From every detail, face, outfit, … are selectively edited, styled to come alive. You will transform into the main character.

Fight on your own with the evil forces that want to take over the earth. Please join this war, find ways to destroy all the enemies. They are really sly. It would help if you stayed calm and focused in order to kill all the guys that are preventing your way to victory. Make a complete plan for the war between the evil faction and the good. Become the most powerful warrior that every opponent must fear. Immerse yourself in the game and fight hard.


Known by modern gameplay, Eisenhorn: XENOS using any equipment made available earlier increased combat acumen. Winning rewards handsomely and unlocking the most advanced arsenal. The power of the guns will be a condition for the player to level up. We design a variety of play styles so that everyone can unleash their abilities. Along with that, modern advanced guns from pistols, shotguns, or swords will be fully converged with the latest styles.

The characters participating in the game will be the ones who give you a more authentic experience. The voices are used in English, making it easy for listeners across all countries to use. You will hear similar voices and content in a real movie. Powerful, mighty words are a great start to a battle.


There is no denying that this is entirely true. The game has many dynamic effects, realistic graphics. The details of the characters are surprisingly created. As long as you use a smartphone or an iPad, or a PC, it is not too difficult to experience a smooth, realistic texture. The control button includes two battle buttons to help the player easily destroy the enemy. Provide you with support teammates to distract those cunning enemies. Immerse yourself in this great game mode, experiment, and bring glory for yourself. We always create tutorials, tips, and information on enemy names.

Eisenhorn: XENOS will be an exciting game. Focus and combat will ensure you will be extremely infatuated with it. Creating an entirely new game world, immerse yourself in the game, and taking advantage of the tactics we offer you. What are you waiting for without downloading the app? There will be a lot of danger lurking. Let’s start fighting right away. Use magical power to do a miracle in battle.

Tell your friends to have fun and comfortable moments. Thank you for your votes and good reviews for us. If you have any ideas or problems, please leave them below the comments to solve and continuously improve the game.


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