Game Flip Range

Game Flip Range
Publisher Alexander Bukharev
Genre Simulation
Size 48M
Latest Version 1.04
MOD Info Unlimited Coins
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Update September 15, 2019 (1 year ago)

Flip Range – Have you ever tried to stand on a high thing and jump down? Certainly, if you’re an adult, it’s pretty stupid, but it’s one of the funniest times when you’re young. If you go to the park and see an extremely high slide but have played with it too many times already. There will definitely be some kids thinking of going to love and jumping into the sandpit. That seems quite interesting to a game developer has devised a way for people to test it on their mobile device. Alexander Bukharev is a Russian game developer with novel and interesting ideas. Flip Range is one of them when players will be allowed to experiment the strange idea I just described. Actually, in the game store of this publisher, there are many ideas almost like it and also a lot of people interested. You feel good about parkour, and you can visit and download them all over the media.

Flip Range is not as complex as parkour. It simply shows a movement, but we have to make it the most beautiful thing. Apparently in the game will show the ridiculous moves in real life but look extremely beautiful so you can also forgive it.

Parkour and acrobatics

Actually, this game combines two elements of both parkour and acrobatics. You will control the character standing on a high object and jump down. There are obstacles around, so if you’re not careful, using too much force and jumping on them will surely kill you. The game features two clear lines to determine where we can jump down and score points. The game is not just dropping down to score points; you’ll have to play the turntables in the air like acrobatics. The more complicated you perform, the more points you will have. But watch out for safety if you do not want to play beautifully but lose your network will not get anything.

On the control system, the right side will have a jump instruction at the right, while the left side will have a maximum of four to five buttons spread across the bottom of the screen so you can click on it and coordinate the beautiful movements. There are up to 70 moves for players to organize and perform in places like buildings, horizontal bar or on a plane. Besides, there will be many different contexts such as prairie, glacier or desert. Players will be able to admire all the beautiful scenery around while they are performing that show the most complex movements in the sport that they are playing.

Sum up

Graphics are all beautiful from terrain to landscape and motion effects. In particular, characters can also be customized to suit their needs, such as changing the skin color, hair color, and costumes they wear when performing. You can also improve the speed of the game with the x2 button located at the corner of the screen.

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