Game Fury Survivor: Pixel Z

Game Fury Survivor: Pixel Z
Publisher Leiting Games
Genre Simulation
Size 122M
Latest Version 1.064
MOD Info Free Caft
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Update July 18, 2020 (8 months ago)

The human being is a creature with very high cognitive and creative abilities. This makes people appear civilized, but also at the same time destroys human civilization. You may not know that in the past when people did not produce modern war vehicles and weapons, they created something called a “biological weapon.” The mechanism of this weapon is to kill people with various kinds of diseases. This was horrible and was even conveyed into fictional films like Zombieland and also the content of the game Fury Survivor: Pixel Z. Are you ready to explore the story of this game?


Fury Survivor: Pixel Z tells about the survival battle of a biological doctor who worked for the government. Previously, he and the government cooperated and produced a biological weapon, a mechanism that spreads rapidly and caused infected people to die, or mutate genes. The government has built a laboratory for himself and a team of other support doctors. Then one day, the negligence of the lab workers was prone to leak this weapon, causing the disease to begin spreading everywhere. Until biology doctor discovered this, it was too late, almost the disease was widespread everywhere, and his wife and children were missing. Now, I have to face the consequences of his creation.

Welcome to Pixel-Art Zombie Slaughter Party!

In this game, you will play the role of the main character, one of the lucky ones who has not been infected with the mutated virus to the other. But the consequences you have to suffer are to fight to survive among thousands of zombies that appear everywhere. When you first play, you have nothing in your hand, so you need to look for resources, exploit them to make equipment. The system provides a smithy feature, where you can create weapons, guns, axes, ammunition, armor, and many other peripherals to protect yourself.

At the same time, you also need to build temporary shelters, to be a place to rest and recuperate after stressful fighting hours. In addition to the materials used to manufacture equipment, you also need food, water and medical equipment to maintain your life. Your health will gradually run out if you don’t replenish them for a while, and you can’t continue to prolong your life until you find your wife and daughter.

On the control mechanism, you touch and hold the screen to move the character in the directions, and you touch the circle icon in the right corner of the screen to attack the enemy. Their numbers are very large, so you need to master these operations to both damages the zombies, and dodge their attacks. You only have a certain amount of HP, so try to maintain them until you push back all the zombie. You can also use medical items, which help reduce wounds and enhance HP.


Fury Survivor: Pixel Z is an engaging game, with a story about the tragedy that people suffer when creating dangerous biological weapons. Although Fury Survivor: Pixel Z does not have excellent 3D graphics like other RPGs, but only a simple 2.5D graphics platform, but it also has gore effects, and the sound is very vivid. Moreover, 2.5D graphics quality also contributes to the small capacity of the game, compatible with many models with standard configuration.


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