Game Game of Sultans

Game Game of Sultans
Publisher Mechanistgames
Genre Strategy
Size 400M
Latest Version 2.9.07
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Update March 8, 2021 (6 days ago)

If you are a history buff or play a game like an empire, then there is no reason why you do not know the Ottoman Empire, which was the precursor to today’s Turkish Empire. This empire was known as the supreme empire of power, which controlled a vast territory from Europe to North Africa during the 16th and 17th centuries. There are strong military strategies that can build such a strong empire for a very long time. Do you want to know martial arts from the Sultans? Join the Game of Sultans and become a real Sultans right away.


Participating in the Game of Sultans, players will be role-playing and live a life like a true Sultans. Perhaps you imagine a story about military strategies, political intrigue and how to manage the country as well as the army of a king to do. Players need to lead their Ottoman empire to prevent those who are plotting to overthrow their empire, conquer new territories, and expand their territory. At the start of the game, players will be given a castle and army. Players must have the material to upgrade the military as well as build other special constructions. Unlike other games of the same type, in this game players will have to fight with other kingdoms to fight and occupy resources, this different mechanism will make it difficult for players.


At first, the kingdoms seemed weak and had a sparse army, easy to overcome. But as time went by, the massive army and their strength increased significantly, making it harder to collect resources. But if the player manipulates his mind to create more perfect attacking tactics, he will pass easily. The game supports a wide variety of units such as infantry, artillery, naval, … for the players to create creative tactics. In addition, players can build their own palace to flirt with the beautiful girls, make themselves a romantic and temporarily put aside the troubles out.


Game of Sultans has a beautiful 3D graphics. The carefully designed, modern European style, combined with a wide viewing angle, allows the player to admire and control the entire land. In addition, the soldiers are genuine; players will feel the fierce battle on their mobile. To achieve such success, in part thanks to the live sound system that the game brings.


Take part in this game and show the bravery of a great Sultan. Can your country grow and become the mightiest empire in history? The fierce battles are waiting for you to discover, download this game and discover new styles from Mechanistgames publisher.

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