Game Phigros

Game Phigros
Publisher PigeonGames
Genre Music
Size 600M
Latest Version 1.6.4
MOD Info All Unlocked
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Update March 8, 2021 (6 days ago)

Surely everyone knows some popular rhythm music games such as Cytus II, Magic Tiles 3, and Piano Tiles 2. The overall goal is to collect the musical notes when they appear, and Phigros does not make an exception. While the notes are continuously moving from top to bottom, players will use one of four actions: touch, hold, slide and Flick to complete that track. By the end, the notes become sparse, and the rhythm goes out. You win. It can be said that the game gives players great music experiences. Although recently, users have judged that its introduction is long and cannot be ignored. But overall, the game still provides a journey of melody and light discovery for music lovers.


A Truly Novel Gameplay

Learning from popular music games, Phigros also applies the form of touching the horizontal bar displayed on the screen according to the song’s rhythm but with a little variation. The game provides players with a horizontal bar moving up and down to increase the challenge because slowly following the song’s rhythm, the bar will move fast or slow. With the horizontal bars continuously forming a chain, players will have to use precise and skillful finger swipes to touch them all. Besides, you can also customize these horizontal bars to display so that they best fit the eyes, such as blurry or floating. The Click FX effect will help players know if they have touched the right time with the characteristic sound. The game is divided into chapters with different difficulty and has an additional chapter called the EX chapter. In each chapter, players are exposed to many different music genres and mostly Pop, Techno, Trance. It would help if you made prior exposure in easy mode to get used to the game before diving into the more challenging mode.


The game is not as simple as you think

However, Phigros is not as simple as you think it is. The bottom line of the game is that you need to keep the line in the screen center. If you skip some notes, the stage may continue, but these notes will push the line down. When the line hits the bottom of the screen, you lose and have to start over. It must be said that the game knows how to create tough challenges for you. Initially, the rhythm speed was quite slow, making you feel that this game is easy and simple to conquer. But when it comes to a chorus of a song, or snippets of a faster tempo, notes appear at a much denser frequency and much faster. Hence, it would help if you increased your pressing speed to not be left behind. Furthermore, the line will regularly reverse or tilt and rotate when the notes are impacted on the sides.


Enjoy every beat

Undeniably, the sound in a music game is the most important factor. Players are probably just happy and relaxed when they are able to produce sharp and quality rhythms on their own. Phigros has achieved this, and the sound system is closely simulated to integrate into deep tracks and songs. The soundbar is the main highlight of the game when the company carefully develops all the songs. Perhaps because he wanted his game to be real and bring the future’s sound, the publisher has brought the electronic music genre with exciting rhythms to harmonize very well into the game, giving players strange feelings. As you explore the game, you will feel like you are like a talented guitarist. Currently, the game has up to 25 tracks from many different genres. All of them have been licensed and copyrighted by top artists around the world. In general, you will be immersed in the music space with joy and different emotions.

Graphics are also an important part

You were knowing what comes before, taking it as your own, and bringing them to a new level with outstanding creativity. Phigros is a rare music game that you cannot ignore, especially for those who love the power of electronic music.

Focus on the sound but cannot forget the graphics when the game’s graphics are designed indescribably. The crossbar’s movement in the song is very well done, eating rhythmically with the moving bar. The artwork representing each chapter is cute and colorful anime characters. They have an ancient, mysterious, mixed modernity, joyful for the player’s inspiration to increase even when choosing a song.


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