Game God of War (PS2 Emulator)

Game God of War (PS2 Emulator)
Publisher SONY
Genre RPG
Size 200MB
Latest Version 1.0.0
Update September 17, 2019 (1 year ago)

God of War is one of the most well-known brands on the PS platform. Over the years it has been watched and admired by strange characters and exciting action games. This game will take players on a journey that never happened in all the entertainment products that existed. People often think the gods are immortal; they can not be destroyed as well as the most potent force in the earth.

In this game players will play an ordinary man with his weapon, seeking to kill all the gods. All the terrible monsters that the gods fear are also defeated by Kratos. Because of this, although more than ten years have passed since the first release, God of War is still a product that many critics and players praise. 2018 also marks the latest installment of the game and is said to be the most successful product of the series. This is the most advanced version that players can buy from the store and experience. With high graphics quality, you will have to use high-end equipment to play this product. But not everyone meets what it requires.

So people are looking for the most basic God of War product and can simulate on smart devices using the Android operating system. Players can quickly experience using the PS2 emulator. This version of the game was released exclusively on the PS2 so you can only play it this way. Although the quality is not comparable to the 2018 version but basically satisfied players, do not have too many good conditions.

The story

It is placed in it is set in Greek mythology, but this time the protagonists are not heroes sponsored by the gods, nor the gods. This time the protagonist is revenge and his subjects the supreme figures in their power can destroy all human beings. That is why Kratos is called God of War. He seeks to kill the god of war Ares with the Blades of Chaos when backed by Athena. Then everything becomes more complicated with the murder of the deity arranged by the gods. In general, with his weapon, he, in turn, killed all the gods ruling on Mount Olympus and made other gods tremble with his power.

Best role-playing game

With this version, players will be involved in a game hack and slash is shown in the third view. Players take control of the protagonist in the game and use the right kind of weapon he has, Blades of Chaos. The scene of the game was set in ancient Greek society where the gods still exist before the eyes of man. Tasks will gradually unfold according to the story that the producer has pre-arranged. Kratos’s journey is not as simple as you would be given missions and go to where to hit and kill, but to use your judgment to see who you will have to knock down first.

Besides, players will also encounter powerful beasts such as Hydra, Typhoon, Chimera, … Players will have to learn a lot of combos to use flexible weapons that he owns. If used as blades, there must be other ways of working; when using additional chains attached to the weapon, it turns into something completely different. Blade of Artemis is a secondary weapon when the player can not use the Blades of Chaos.

Zeus’ Fury, Medusa’s Gaze, Poseidon’s Rage, and Army of Hades are the spells that the main character can use to attack long-range enemies when participating in combat in environments that are not conducive to melee weapons. Rage of the Gods, in the beginning, makes this character immortal and temporarily increase the damage. Also in some particular places, he can breathe underwater to fight.

Install Guide

  • Download IOS File
  • Install DamonPS2 PRO
  • Export the 7z file, open DamonPS2 Pro and select the God of War ISO file


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