Game GTA: Liberty City Stories

Game GTA: Liberty City Stories
Publisher Rockstar Games
Genre Action
Size 2GB
Latest Version 2.4
MOD Info Money/Sprint/Cheats
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OS Android Games

Rockstar Games is a multinational game development company, headquartered in New York. This name is probably no stranger to anyone because the Grand Theft Auto series (GTA) is associated with each person’s childhood. Initially, the series was only released on PC and console platforms such as Xbox and PS. Later, when receiving enthusiastic support from the players, GTA was also present on the mobile, so that players have a complete experience. Today, I will introduce a part of this series: GTA: Liberty City Stories. Perhaps you also know this game belongs to the open world genre, so we will go to find out the plot!


GTA: Liberty City Stories revolves around the character Toni Cipriani, a gangster who works for the boss Salvatore Leone. He is a loyalist, always fulfilling his boss’s duties. He even faced many dangerous enemies from other gangs and conducted illegal drug and weapons sales. Then Salvatore Leone’s trust for Toni Cipriani seemed to return to zero when he was slandered as the one who killed Leone’s son. Now, Toni seems to have lost everything, he was approached by Leone’s juniors, and the police in the city also searched him everywhere. Liberty City seems to be too dangerous for him. Can he preserve his life and vindicate the mistake someone has made for him?

Get ready to head back to the East Coast

Join GTA: Liberty City Stories, you will play the role of Toni Cipriani guy and discover everything in Liberty city. The mission system will lead you to multiple locations, and meet different people, and let you know many features of this game. At first, when you first join the game, you will see a short trailer, introducing the context of the game. Then there are written instructions, which help you better understand the character control mechanism.

The system provides you with many tasks, from racing, shooting, disturbing the city… In the process of implementing them, you can plunder anything you find from cars, machine, to other weapons. The first time is for you to become familiar with the character control mechanism. At some point, you will be wanted by the police and gangsters. At that time, you need to use the skills you learned and the weapons to protect yourself.

Concerning control mechanisms, the control interfaces are designed to be quite optimal and intuitive for you to use. At the same time, this interface is constantly changing, when you perform various activities. For example, if you are walking, the console includes a virtual home button for you to navigate and other kicking skills. But when you climb a car, the interface changes differently.


GTA: Liberty City Stories is built on a pretty 3D platform. Designs from characters to seemingly meticulous contexts make you feel like you are lost in a real Liberty city. However, the color tones that overlap this game are quite gloomy, as it speaks of the nature of the scene in Liberty, full of dangers from gangsters, underground gangs and illegal activities. Although the graphics are not as bright and lively as other games, they are very consistent with GTA’s story: Liberty City Stories, giving players the most valuable experience moments. Moreover, in this version, the player can adjust the angle of view according to his will more flexible. GTA: Liberty City Stories is being released in the market for 4.2 dollars, but you can download it for free in this article.

Mod Money

Unlimited Money
Unlimited Sprint
No Wanted Level
Cheats Enabled


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