Game Heart’s Medicine – Time to Heal
Publisher GameHouse Original Stories
Genre Simulation
Size 240M
Latest Version 68
MOD Info Unlimited Money/Unlocked
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Update July 12, 2020 (8 months ago)

Heart’s Medicine is a popular series about the life of a doctor named Heart Allison and her romantic journey. The series currently has many different parts, each of which is a story about Heart’s work or personal life. Players participating in this series will build their own story for Dr. Heart in any direction they want, or go through many of the fascinating challenges of this game. And today, I’ll introduce you to the second part of this series called Heart’s Medicine – Time to Heal. This part will still be similar to the previous sections; it tells about the life of Dr. Heart. At the same time gives the player many experiences and complex emotions for her life. Moreover, the game will also have touching situations, and wonderful during the work of Dr. Heart allows players to understand the work of a doctor better.

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Become a doctor in this hospital simulation game!

The game has simple and extensive gameplay, and it is a game that uses many different elements to bring players new experiences. Players will enjoy the story of Dr. Heart, at the same time, can enjoy the time taking care of other patients. Even the game will have many different challenges to entertain players, each challenge has a special rule, and the player must complete it to save patients’ lives. The game will help players better understand the work of a doctor, and give players an emotional story related to many different issues. Players will experience many complex emotions while saving patients or build a romantic life for Dr. Heart. Of course, players can decide the life of Dr. Heart by choosing the choices made by this game. If you are interested in doctor simulation games, or love touching stories, join now and start building your own life

It’s a romantic medical drama

The plot of the game is very diverse and rich in each different part. It always brings players many experiences, emotions, and valuable lessons in life. Players who enjoy this series will witness different scenes of a doctor’s career. And this game also allows players to build a life of their own with the available decisions of the game. Each player’s decision will make the life of Dr. Heart is changed in a certain way. The plot will also bring players many surprises, plot twists, new characters, and a happy life if the player knows how to enjoy. Dr. Heart’s life is in your hands, choose the best decisions to make her life happy.

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Develop your time management skills and save lives!

The gameplay not only has the plot, but it will also help players experience the work of a dedicated doctor. If the player is free, they can visit Dr. Heart patients and take care of them until they recover completely. Each patient will also have an affection index for Dr. Heart, and they will be happier if the player continuously cares about them or fulfill their request. Of course, once the patient recovers, the player will receive a lot of attractive rewards for hospital development. The recovery process of the patient will be accelerated if the hospital is upgraded with adequate material and hygiene. The work of a doctor involves many different things, and the player will need to go through it all to understand the psychology of a reliable doctor.

Be part of a whirlwind romance!

While players are enjoying, the game will also have many other interesting challenges for players to entertain and earn a little more income. The challenge will be diverse and abundant, and it has many types of puzzles for players. Each challenge will have separate rules, and if the player completes them with excellent achievements, the game will have an excellent reward for the player. Challenges will continue to expand and become more present in the player’s progress. Even some challenges will involve the lives of some patients.

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Unlock 60 story levels

Besides giving players the experience of the doctor and the life of Dr. Heart, the game also allows players to move to some other locations to develop the plot. Yes, the game’s story is not limited to the hospital area, but it will also draw players around and meet many different situations. Each place will have a unique character, and there are fascinating side characters in many different ways. Players can get to know them, build relationships, and start a happy life with anyone they like.

If you love romantic stories or want to experience the life of a doctor, the “Heart’s Medicine” series will be the perfect choice for you.

MOD Info?
  • Full Unlocked (All levels are unlocked)
  • Infinite Coins (Coins never decrease)
  • Infinite Diamond (Diamonds increase instead of decreasing)