Publisher SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd.
Genre RPG
Size 400M
Latest Version 2.0.0
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update July 12, 2020 (8 months ago)

Final Fantasy III is the third installment of the famous “Final Fantasy” game series, with a variety of plot and characters. Each part of “Final Fantasy” is an independent adventure for a single character, and all the games are not related to each other. The variety of storylines and the main characters are the interesting points of this series, from there, players will enjoy many different stories, gameplay, and many secrets in each game. Moreover, each version of “Final Fantasy” always has some similarities, and the rest will have a slight improvement in features, gameplay, and graphics.

A hallmark of innovation for the entire series

Compared to previous installments, “Final Fantasy III” has many significant changes such as graphics, gameplay, and features for players. Instead of using colorful 2D graphics like the previous game, this game uses fully-rendered 3D graphics to bring a completely new experience to the player. Moreover, everything will be designed with this type of graphics; the world, the map, the environment, and the characters, will be changed. Now players will move the character easier while on the adventure or discover the hidden secrets, and even players can sightseeing at some interesting points. With this breakthrough, players will have more choices while playing, and they will have a completely new experience compared to the previous sections.

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The gameplay of “Final Fantasy” often gives players a plot with lots of secrets, meanings, and plot twists, but they all have the same goal, which is to save the world. Gameplay has only slightly changed the interface, added more choices for players, and unlocked many new features for the character. But its gameplay will still be turn-based combat, and even players will have a new experience with it. Moreover, “FFIII” will introduce some new features to impress players, one of which is the job change feature. The variety of professions is a feature that allows players to enjoy the whole game with many different character classes. This feature only applies to the main character, but other characters can unlock new special abilities to make the gameplay more diverse and more decadent.

Typical RPG style

The combat is turn-based, and the player will order the entire four-person squad to perform various actions to fight. During each turn, players can use a variety of actions such as attacks, defense, skill use, use items, or some other things. Similarly, the enemy will become more complex, and they can combine many different attacks and cause a large amount of damage to the player. The turn-based fighting style will also allow players to have more choices in developing tactics, and even players can use their skills more reasonably. Based on the course of the story, the fighting mechanism will be improved because of the development of other characters or when players change jobs. That will improve the player experience, and ensure the player will enjoy this game to the fullest.

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Along with the big open world

Job diversity is the feature first introduced in the “FFIII” of the series. This feature allows players to freely switch between different character classes, allowing players to use a variety of weapons of each class to fight. Even all of their skills will change to match the fighting style of the player. The job transition feature will give players more choices in choosing their fighting style for themselves. From there, the adventure of the player will become more thrilling, exciting, and wonderful.

Along the way, players will cross countless locations so that players will face many types of complex, uncomfortable terrain, even a maze along the way. On the way there will also be some hidden secrets, it will stimulate the ability to find the path and puzzle of the player, and the reward will be very great if the player successfully finds the secret. Of course, the variety of terrain will come with a variety of monsters, and the player will have to build a lot of tactics to fight with enemies and increase the strength for the entire squad. Many towns and cities will appear on the road to make the player’s journey more convenient so that players can resupply items or change equipment for everyone.

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And deep plot…

“Final Fantasy III” promises to give players a great storyline, with a variety of personalities of each team member. Moreover, the game will also develop characters with in-depth, making the bonds between people stronger, and do their best in battle. The game also allows players to interact with other characters in the group to listen to the story, information, and acquire some useful tactics. If you are a fan of fantasy RPG or a fan of “Final Fantasy,” then don’t miss this awesome remake of “FFIII.”

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