Game Into the Deep Web

Game Into the Deep Web
Publisher Tapps Games
Genre Simulation
Size 33M
Latest Version 1.0
MOD Info money
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OS Android Games

Many online drug cartels have been destroyed and information about the case has shown that the Internet is a vast network, what you know is only a very small part. Today’s secret websites are constantly evolving and constantly exchanging information, but they exist outside of our search, and they are called “deep web” or “undernet”. So what information do they contain? They are the place of evil people dealing in narcotics, weapons, pedophiles or assassins and criminals. Would you like to explore this scary world or act as a part of them? Join the Into the Deep Web – Internet Mystery Idle Clicker! There will be many interesting things to explore!

So you think you know about the internet?

Normally, if we use Google or Firefox to search or access the “Deep Web” pages, our identity will easily be revealed, the information as well as the address where the visitor will be stolen and even dangerous to the criminals. Then you have to use a special browser called TOR, TOR will anonymously help the visitor, and this is also one of the tools that the visitor or the name I use.

But today, you do not need to use TOR to be anonymous anymore by Deep Web – Internet Mystery Idle Clicker will keep you safe. In this game, you will act as a part of this internet underworld. You can explore and post the content you want. There are thousands of content from crime, trafficking in drugs, drugs, or even scary.

You can also become a hacker who specializes in stealing data and getting other people’s information to develop their own Dark Web, hiring managers to dig deeper into potential secrets in the web. afraid of this. Deep web like a sea floor, the more you go down, the more you discover the more macabre secret. There are many interesting functions too, are you ready to explore yet?


Into the Deep Web – Internet Mystery Idle Clicker MOD acts as a tool for criminals in the underground internet world. If you have been prepared for the evil that you are about to discover, download this game to your phone. This game is quite light, although the graphics are not very beautiful it is suitable for many people with healthy entertainment, not as noisy as the action role-playing game.

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