Game Millet Super God

Game Millet Super God
Publisher Xiaomi
Genre MOBA
Size 1GB
Latest Version 1.30.1
Get it On Google Play
OS Android Games

If you are a fan of the League of Legends game on the computer, Millet Super God is the best MOBA game you try on a mobile.

There is no denying that China is one of the emerging gaming empires. They are constantly introducing new products of extremely high quality. The Chinese have the top names in all the hottest game genres today. Game MOBA, Battle Royal, FPS have top brands with content purchased directly from Japan and Korea. All the rest are made by themselves, graphics and mechanics in the game is the creativity of the game makers. Small game studios to large game publishers are making the most of their gaming releases and they are always refreshing themselves with different genres.

MOBA games are the most popular games in the world with such famous names as League of Legends, Dota2. The number of regular online players is up to millions every day. Thanks to the success that many game makers have enlisted to design a mobile game for themselves with this genre. Especially the Chinese game makers have created innovative ways to apply to a game that has been produced and released too much in the world. Recently they have launched Millet Super God game will promise many new features.

First, let’s talk about the technology of production controllers apply the latest technology, so Millet Super God is optimized for the mobile platform. It is easy to use and control for fast-paced battles, spells are often released and need to move smoothly throughout the map. Not to mention that it can quickly lock targets so it’s easier to cast the correct skill.

In addition, Millet Super God will bring you the most realistic MOBA game experience. The battles are played on three lanes with 5 heroes along with the complex map typical of this game genre. The forest will be different, unlike the game of the same genre.

With targets and monsters arranged in a certain order, the map has plenty of fog, endemic bushes that allow the heroes to evade enemies, or organize ganking or counter-gank attacks. Also, the player must determine the strategy to destroy the big goals to take advantage of his team.

Each hero will be equipped with four distinct abilities, but the Millet Super God is closely linked to the hero’s story and will connect to each other to form a combo at the enemy. The advantage is to move smoothly and avoid their damage. Use your skills most effectively. The final goal to end the battle is to destroy the enemy base. The latest in Millet Super God is the collection of celebrities in the anime series has many viewers around the world. Or the characters are inspired by Chinese legend and even fictional stories.

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